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May 02, 2017


Peter G

Ryan was a little young when it was released, one in fact, but maybe he should watch the movie Willard. It is a happy tale about getting rats to do your bidding.

Alas it is too late to crowd fund him a couple of tickets to Fyre Fest. I think he needs a vacation and one to such a congressionally organized event seems appropriate. Parenthetically I understand the last words of Fyre Fest concierge Kurtz before he succumbed were: The Luxury! The Luxury!

Anne J

I think Ryan knew that going in and that's why he never wanted the job in the first place. As we learned when he was Mitt Romney's running mate, he never likes having to explain his agenda. Sometimes congressional gridlock isn't always a bad thing.

c u n d gulag

"The Luxury!"


David & Son of Duff

"Somewhere, John Boehner is golfing and grinning"

So is Obama, er, inbetween cashing all those lovely big cheques!


Fuck off, troll.

The Dark Avenger

He's not a sponger like you, old boy?

Marc McKenzie

Well, Obama sure as shit earned those checks.

And I guess you're only complaining about Obama earning those checks--did you complain when the other (and White) ex-Presidents earned theirs?

A poor attempt at should try again.

Wait, on second thought--don't.

David & Son of Duff

I'm not complaining, Marc, not least because none of the money is coming out of my wallet!

And I really don't care whether your Presidents are white, black or polka-dot, I work on the principle that they are all rascals until they prove otherwise!

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