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May 26, 2017


Which is exactly why trying to reach out to the deplorables won't work. The Trump base doesn't vote on the basis of their economic distress; they vote on the basis of their own perverse talk radio-, NRA-, and Fox-poisoned culture: a sadistic, reality-TV-as-reality, alpha male-wannabe vision not just of America but of human life in general. It's a twisted, sick culture. And I see no way of reforming it.

Great post.

You can see the value in Timothy Snyder's warning about our Reichstag fire moment, right? This kind of demonization of the media fits.

Don't let it discourage. And screw hand-wringing; that is NOT the way to win. That the Deplorables are running this scared in this ruby-red of a state is not a bad sign. Recall also Kansas and South Carolina. Remember Quist was not exactly a top-shelf candidate; remember by Wednesday night when Gianforte did his body slam that two-thirds of the district had already voted. I wonder how well the Dems got out the vote there.

Oh do cheer up, dear, it's only an election! And to assist you out of 'the slough of despair' let me urge you all to read this article on the Trump regime which is very funny:

Fuck off, troll.


Two very good pieces. First, Brian Buetler (who has been consistently excellent), "The Republicans Broke American Politics, and Media Elites Are Blind to It: Greg Gianforte's victory, after assaulting an America reporter, should horrify anyone who cares about the strength of our political institutions":

Second, Matt Yglesias, on how this is not great news for Republicans, and this election they once again underperformed:

Oh God, you are miserable lot! I send you a witty and acerbic critique of your favourite Monster-in-Chief and all you do is snap and snarl!

There's no leasing some people!

And the Republican war on personal responsibility claims another victory. After what that jerk governor of Texas said about shooting reporters today I think that reporters should be allowed to go to interviews with Republican politicians packing heat.

There seems to be a collective response of, "Of course the right wing governor of Texas Greg Abbott joked about shooting reporters" As Daddy told me, "Son, in this country the bullets always come from the right."

Your daddy was right!

"Gianforte could stand in the middle of Billings, Montana's Grand Avenue and body-slam somebody and he wouldn’t lose any more than 9-percent..."

Yeah; but can he gun someone down in broad daylight in Times Square and get away with it...? I don't think so!


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