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June 26, 2017


Bernie Sanders and his motley crew have nothing to do with the resistance to Trump. In fact, they help Trump by continuing to attack Democrats more than they do Republicans. And, as usual, they talk a good game but don't ever do any of the actual organizing work.

I doubt if Bernie himself will pay a price but what Jane Sanders apparently did with the Burlington College was both breathtakingly stupid, and on the face of it, fraudulent.

A couple of other points:

1) Donald Trump would not personally be a target of a counterintelligence investigation unless he personally had contact with the Russian intelligence operatives. Nobody has ever suggested Trump personally met with Russians. He won't be a target until the counterintelligence investigation has flipped into a criminal investigation.

2) Bernie also has questions to answer with Bob Mueller. His campaign also benefited and exploited the Russian disinformation campaign. Tad Devine worked with Manafort in the Ukraine. There are also questions about his donor base and whether the Russians did the obvious and poured cash into the Sanders campaign. Small donations are every bit as dark as super pac money

Mueller will be talking to people in the Clinton, Sanders and Stein campaigns as well as the Trump campaign if only because the Republicans will insist on it.

Complete right wing hypocritical drivel but not at all surprising.

"Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) is the country’s most popular active politician, underscoring his importance to the Democratic Party as it seeks to rebuild in the wake of a disastrous 2016 election cycle.

Sanders is viewed favorably by 57 percent of registered voters, according to data from a Harvard-Harris survey provided exclusively to The Hill. Sanders is the only person in a field of 16 Trump administration officials or congressional leaders included in the survey who is viewed favorably by a majority of those polled."

Because Erickson had been a never-Trump'er he was hailed in some moderate corners as having an independent mind. So thank you, PMC, for showing he like the rest is constitutionally incapable of not lying. Preposterous, easy to de-bunk lying.

Which neatly explains Trump seeing as Bernie offered many of the same fantasies as Trump. He is very popular with the more nativist and protectionist elements of the Democratic Party. It's not as if they aren't there in abundance. We'll see what happens when Trump lights the fuse on the trade wars as he seems poised to do. I'll bet Bernie supports it.

When the D's ran Bill Clinton many of their establishment types said they'd rather win than be right. Let's hope they've learned a lesson.

This blog reminds me of the Seinfeld episode in which Kathy Griffin does countless stand up routines with the only joke being to call Jerry the devil in countless ways. It's like that on an endless loop.

What lesson might that be? Is it too bad Bill won in '92? Well that was certainly fixed in 2000 and 2016, lucky us.

The smaller lesson is to not run Sanders. The larger lesson is that when Democrats try to run as crypto-Republicans they destroy their own brand:

Even before the Wikileaks release Hillary was easily cast as a "Wall St Democrat" on the general left. Defending the Clintons is self-defeating and pointless at this time, as is demonizing Sanders.

Outside of Carter, name me a "crypto-Republican" who was the Democratic nominee.

Perhaps Winston and Lord Haw-Haw Duff are the same guy, and he decides whether he's going to be Unicorn Left or Wingnut Right today by flipping a two-headed coin which is scarred on one side?

(Why, yes, I did read a lot of comic books when I was younger. Why do you ask?) ;)

It was overly harsh of me to label Carter a "crytpo-Republican."

Were you asleep during the entire Bill Clinton campaign and administration? Remember Sister Souljah, triangulation, financial deregulation, "three strikes and you're out", etc., etc., etc.?


I'm not Duff and you don't know your left from your right.

There was a lot about Bill that thoroughly pissed me off. That despicable piece of shit Sistef Souljah wasn't one of them. Were you asleep when she said it was fine to murder white people? Why do you think there was a Sister Souljah moment? Also recall the murder rate was twice as high then (including my son''s godfather). No "crypto-Republican" would have put Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Almost no one would have heard of Sister Souljah if Willie hadn't brought her up. As a reviler of the white left, why do you think he did it?

You must have been asleep shortly before that election year, missing the impact of the Tawana Brawley / Al Sharpton / Alton Maddox / Vernon Mason fiasco (for which Sharpton never came clean, by the way). Bill Clinton did not do the wrong thing here; that would be your Sister Souljah. Nor was his winning the wrong thing, for crissakes. Keep digging, Winston.

I do remember the Tawana Brawley / Al Sharpton incident. I don't remember anything about Sister Souljah before Willie mentioned her. She just wasn't that famous. Are you afraid of the New Black Panthers too?

YOU are the one who put up this ridiculous bullshit, about Sister Souljah, Winston. Grow the fuck up. Or keep digging.

As one goes farther Right or Left, the distinctions actually fade away.

I especially enjoyed the section on "Vladimir Putin's Fan Club".

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