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June 30, 2017


Thank you PMC for distilling the essence of why your work is so compelling for me. All of these points precisely mirror my own sensibilities.

Our gracious host does a fine job of keeping my sensibilities in check, as do commenters like you, Max. This site is a diamond in the rough.

Rough? We're rough?

Duff! Where are you? Here's your chance. (At his own site he's been posting reviews of scholarly works relating to Shakespeare and politics.) Say something useful.

Here's an interesting parallel between American and British politics. First ask yourself why, with control of all institutions in the US including the Supreme court, is abortion still legal in the US? Then look at the May government in Britain whose deal with the DUP (implacable foes of reproductive rights of any sort) and whose staus as the gooverning party just required the passing of an amendment that requires funding for travel for women in Northern Ireland (DUP territory) to secure abortions in England that are forbidden by law in Northern Ireland. Without the DUP they could not form a governing majority.

I detect in both instances a severe lack of courage of convictions. I believe the reason is consistent with PM's post. The mode or mood of the respective countries does not permit it. And they damned well know it.

I beg your indulgence for one last post here. One of the most powerful series I remember from my youth is the Ascent Of Man presented by Jacob Bronowski. Herewith his concluding plea for reason: May I always remember it.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I have to ask why a policy of moderation fails so spectacularly at certain times and certain places?

My tentative answer is that moderation is boring, and that human beings have an evolutionary aversion to boredom. It presently causes them to do very unwise and immoderate things in their search for constant stimulation.

No, you are one of the many facets of the diamond.

Agreed---the problem is boredom. We're secretly hoping for noise, action, and blood, like a 13-yr-old on the way to the next Hollywood potboiler. We've been itching for something exciting to happen. Things have been much too quiet for too long.

Oh I think you're absolutely right. You see it everywhere. You certainly see it in a lot of professions and I think attempting to relieve boredom is maybe the biggest reason why.

Good to have you around, Tony.

That's the driving truth behind NASCAR. Pardon the pun.

With regard to the abortion debate here, Peter, I have to think that the politicians who pander to the anti-abortion crowd would rather have the issue than the victory. Winning would make them responsible for the thousands of back-alley procedures that would follow, but with the issue never settled, it's easy to whip up your evangelical base, and raise funds from them. That Christians were not particularly bothered about the issue prior to the rise of Falwell and his use of it to gain political and financial clout doesn't seem to occur to the rabid Pro-Life crowd.

Thanks, Max. Your request that I reconsider my decision to stop posting was especially influential in my decision to continue.

Also, I thought about all the people in this country who have worked so hard and well to keep me alive for this long. From FDR, through LBJ (medicare, not Vietnam), and including my present very skilled doctors, I owe. If I can help, even in a little way, by posting here, it would be selfish and ungrateful of me not to.

Besides, how can I know what I think until I write it down?

Ha! +10!

Amen, brother! Thanks for your kind words - much appreciated.

That's what I pointed out at Duff's own site. It's one of those issues conservatives generally have to pretend to want to win but know they can't actually deliver. The debate occurred a long time ago in my own country. The government kept trying to suppress Dr Morgenthaler all through the seventies. Eventually they gave him the Order of Canada for his pioneering work. The times they had achanged.

I loved this series too. It's still worth watching today.

Awww. You're very kind, Anne

Thanks will check it out

The analog is Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act and handing one of the pens to a youn egg and remarking "I just handed the South to the GOP for the next 40 years." The GOP has had plenty of chances to overturn Roe v Wade but they know the consequence. The Christian conservatives are a wholly-owned subsidiary of GOP, Inc.

All Canadians owe a debt to Henry Morgentaler.

For our American friends, Morgentaler was a doctor who, back in the 60's, got tired of trying to save women who were hurt trying to abort a child. So he set up a clinic and started doing them in explicit defiance of the law.

This set off a long series of legal battles that, in the end, he won. But the government took him to court three times for performing illegal abortions. Each time he claimed what he was doing was saving lives and he owed a greater duty to his patients than to the law.

Even though he was clearly breaking the law, three separate juries said "fuck the law" and acquitted him. In effect, abortion became a right in Canada because a doctor refused to obey the law and the citizens who served as jurors refused to enforce the law.

Civil disobedience plus jury nullification put the abortion issue away in Canada.

I wonder how many chumps voted for Covfefe, in the primaries and/or the general election, for no better reason than they were bored, and he was the most colorful candidate out there?

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