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June 17, 2017


 Peter G.

So it seems almost certain that Rosenstein will also have to recuse himself from Trump related investigations. What then will be Trump's excuse for firing him. I suppose it must only be that Rosenstein by recusing himself declined to assist Trump in obstructing justice.

Now about that bully pulpit so often misinterpreted as a bullying pulpit? Not bully as in grand or good. Trump's predecessor was often accused of failing to use this pulpit effectively. At no time in human history has it been easier for a president to communicate directly with the people, bypassing all intermediaries. It turns out that you actually have to possess something worth saying to them.

Nelly Pierce

You have no idea do you! This man is being targeting left, right and center because he's not playing puppet with the puppet masters, like his predecessors have always done. The only one that didn't play ball with the elites was JFK, and look what 'they' did to him.

I think you trump bashers need a serious wake-up call!!!


He's a chip off the old block. Which is to say, he never had any native humanity.

 Peter G.

How ever did you find us?

Anne J

Do you ever recall this level of bellyaching from Bush the Lesser/Darth Cheney supporters when they were in power?

Anne J

Maybe that is the look of a man who is finally coming to realize that once you've backed up the bus over enough people, you run out of people who have your back.


Hi pm,

Was hoping to read your take on Trump's destructive roll-back on Cuba policy. He's a one man wrecking crew. Actually, I'm pretty astonished at how few journalists and pundits have addressed this. I'm upset because it was not only brazenly stupid and reactionary but unnecessary.

Jon Ponder

Kennedy was an elite among elites. Trump is merely an elite.


Woo Hoo! It's always good hearing from the party of personal responsibility. Now repeat after me: "...Grab 'em by the pussy . . . because I'm a celebrity, I can get away with anything."

As if Jack Kennedy, you know, war hero, saved his crew, liberal Democrat, wrote real books, read six newspapers at breakfast, reading 2,500 words a minute etc., was anything like this vulgar narcissist bully.


Kennedy was our first and only Catholic president; nouveau riche Irish Catholc; kind of first generation elite. (Two generations earlier the Irish were not allowed near big money (Until Papa Joe's generation you could be a doctor or lawyer but not a banker.) Oft-told tale, Kennedys: more money that status; Bouviers, more status than money with the money running out. Everyone wins.


Unfortunately I don't think the "final destruction" is anywhere near at hand.


To paraphrase Lincoln ... You can fool a third of the people all of the time.

Marc McKenzie

Go to hell.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Both the late Fred Trump and Vladimir Putin are examples of white trash who, by the whim of some fallen angel or malignant pagan god, managed to get above their proper stations in the world, worse luck for us all.

Anne J

Trump is an elitIST.

Patty S.

Nelly, please try to explain what you mean. I would really like to try to understand what you think and why you think it. Who are the puppet masters that you refer to, and how is Trump standing up to them? Is there any possibility that Vladimir Putin is a puppet master to Trump, or do you have no concern about that? Also do you have any fears that Trumps agenda will cause the average person (non-elites) in this country to struggle? I'm an average person who is very worried that, for example, huge cuts to Medicaid are going to adversely affect me and millions of others. How do you feel about things like this? I'd like to know more of your thoughts.

 Peter G.

Nope. Trump is definitely the Whiner in Chief. Not one of these people had the slightest objection to Trump dishing it out. But I guess we know who the real snowflakes are now.

Anne J

They're definitely the new p.c. police.


Yeah, what "native humanity"? He was born a dick.


"On the internet it is especially difficult to verify real facts." - Abraham Lincoln


Interesting opinion piece. Now you just need to add some evidence to back it up.

Mike P.



Please refer to PMC's last 400 or so posts; note the mostly enlightened commentary.

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