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July 10, 2017


 Peter G.

I know what to say. Donald Trump Jr. is a fake son.

Joseph Ernst

"Attempted collusion". To know if it's a crime, substitute cocaine for "information damaging to Hillary Clinton". Or any other crime.

Their failure does not scrub their actions of criminality.

Anne J

Wow, and I always thought Erik was the dumbest in the Trump family.

Peter G

Gee, I'm torn. I don't know what to believe. Do I believe that top Trump campaign members and their consigliere and unregistered foreign agent Manafort were suckered into taking a meeting with a Russian agent to talk about orphans or to talk about securing foreign help in winning their campaign? Given the Trump family's predilection for "charity work" you'd think this would be a no brainer. But one cannot overlook the possibility they might really have been excited by the prospect of securing some cheap reliable child slave labor.

DT Jr. may have been misled by his father's behavior to believe that any old bullshit will do when inventing a cover story. But I have a word they can add to the family trove of great words. It is verisimilitude. Now if DT Jr had just said that a Russian friend had dropped round to invite himself and friends on a hunting expedition to wipe out the last of an endangered Russian species? Sure. That would have been truthy>


I'm convinced Eric is the stupidest one. My guess - he was left out of that loop because the Russians knew he'd muck something up. Little did they know, his smarter brother isn't all that much smarter.


Gerry Angiulo, The former Mafia boss of Boston, was also cursed with an imbecile son. "The Underboss," which documents his rise and fall, describes him coaching his son Jason on how to testify before a grand jury. Hilarious! Pitiful! Too close to home!

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