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July 02, 2017


The problem is: Which will die first? America or Republicans.

And now, this:

Yes. Trump will eventually split the Republican party, but by then what will our country even look like?

Donald wants to know what those states are hiding? About your tax returns Donald?

He won why can't he get over it? All this invasion of Americans' privacy because he didn't win Miss Congeniality? If 3 million people voted fraudulently, they must have all voted republican, since they're the ones who won and now control all three branches of government. As a Californian, I'm especially offended. The rest of the country tells us our votes don't count, yet feel free to tell us how to live as they suck up our tax dollars. Well I'm a republican who voted Hillary Clinton, what are they gonna say about that? The fucking dipshits can all take a long walk off a short pier as far as I'm concerned.

He is due to meet Putin at the upcoming G20 conference. I'm sure he wants to bring a gift. What could be better than this?

Death of Republicanism? More likely the death of democracy. We will be fortunate if it survives even in attenuated form.

I have no doubt that Trump's goal is to be our dictator, and that if he thought that he would lose elections, he would just declare a state of emergency and call them off. To this end, he would use the "conclusions" of his special election commission. Does anyone here have any doubt that he is incapable and/or unwilling make such an attempt.

Couple this with more conventional Republican efforts to disenfranchise "unwelcome" voting blocs, and the threat of Russian hacking into the actual voting process, which of course Trump has zero interest in preventing.

Trump's approval today on Gallup is 37%. This tells him, and us, that there is literally nothing he can say that will drive him below his base of 35%. We will be fortunate if democracy survives, even in attenuated form.

Absolutely right, Tony. Being dictator would be ever so much easier than being president. You know, being president turns out to be "complicated." Trump likes things easy, quick, decisive --his own decisiveness, of course. The itchy trigger-finger variety.
It's amazing to me that his approval numbers remain where they are. I believe anything possible now. But still I remain hopeful. Because I know nothing else to do.

I remember a Putin interview some years ago where he said he admired Mexico's two party system of government. Though appearing to be a democracy only the PRI held uninterrupted power for seventy years through various tactics at manipulating voting. The Republicans must have been watching.

Patty, I don't mean to imply that the situation is hopeless. The special prosecutor has yet to weigh in, and much of Trump's current behavior is an attempt to distract us from that freight train coming down the tracks. Here is perhaps the most hopeful article I have seen this week, written by John Dean of Watergate fame.

There is a day of reckoning coming soon, and how we ("we" as in citizens, Democratic Party, news media) respond to it will determine our future.

Thanks, Tony. Yes, very good article. A good summation of Trump's historic modus operandi. And yes, we can feel reassured to remember that Mueller's investigation results are still coming. Wow, Trump's desperate distraction efforts this week --so many tweets. Those do speak volumes, don't they? And speaking of those, the CNN wrestling video today is, it seems to me, bordering on criminal! And following the incident of the reporter who was body slammed by Gianforte. Wow.

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