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August 30, 2017


 Peter G.

It makes me sad too. To go from such a fundamentally decent man as Obama demonstrated himself to be all the way down to the sorry sack of shit that is Trump? This seems a little excessive as far as karmic justice goes. Did you guys nuke a bunch of orphanages and I missed it?

Anne J

I watched Obama's keynote address at the 20004 democratic convention on YouTube yesterday...and cried.


I'll never forget Obama wiping away tears at Newtown. He is human. The cheeto is an alien in a human costume. The day we see him actually hug someone who is dirty, wet, exhausted, crying or hell, even TALK to someone who has lost everything is the day hell will have frozen over. He needs to stay the f*ck away from Tx, shut his fat trap, and go wallow in his own filth. We don't need or want him here. Oh, and take Abbott, Cruz, and Cornyn too.

 Peter G.

If only Trump had been president when that massacre occurred. Then we would have learned there were good people on both sides.

Anne J

Or he would have listened to Alex Jones and called the whole thing fake.


He's a Bug in an Edgar suit.


Luckily the democrat side of the political divide "care so much for people" that they will voluntarily provide the victims with what they need to get back to normal.

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