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August 27, 2017


Definitely maybe. They'd have gone after Joe with the same intensity but it would have disarmed a lot of basic Republican sexism and only left them racism to rely on. Who knows about then? He's fundamentally right now.

I hope nobody is caught in Houston right now. The situation is degenerating rapidly. It looks like a thousand year flood is in the offing which means a lot of people don't even suspect they are in that flood plain. Federal flood insurance expires on the 30th with about five billion in the bank and 25 billion in outstanding liabilities from previous events. And the Republicans are a in charge. Could be worse. It could be..... no I guess it couldn't be worse.

Joe may have been the one Democrat who could have obtained over 270 Electoral votes in '16. But his son was dying. He is the only septuagenarian I could get behind in 2020 although probably newer blood would be best. Still, Joe may be the best elder Democratic statesman who is speaking out.

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