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September 07, 2017


 Peter G.

With a ton or two of respect I feel I must disagree. All that you say is true about what might have been. But then again it might not have. As suspect as analogy always is, Lee lost at Gettysburg because the North had the best ground. What I fear is that further relentless failure will merely cause too many voters to tune out only to turn up on Election Day with heads full of preconceived bullshit. Three months from now or thereabouts depending on when the debt ceiling is raised the Republicans will have extremely shitty ground, very little time to get things done and a severely divided caucus. I trust Pelosi's instincts on this and I am willing to support the idea that the Democrats best sales pitch for the upcoming election is that they do know how to get things done.

 Peter G.

Today is a good day to read. May I recommend Joe Cunningham at Redstate and his pants befouling screed on Trump the Democrat. He makes one interesting observation about some Trump supporters applauding the Trump betrayal. What Joe thinks is irrelevant but the existence of such Trump supporters is quite interesting. They have no party loyalty it seems.


I agree with you P.M. that celebration of this Democratic gambit is premature, but what we do know about Trump is that he's desperate for a deal, and that his loyalty is entirely self serving. If he betrays his own party and especially it's leadership for a deal, I would think that's a win-win for now. It's like watching a fight where you want both sides to lose.


Also underreported is the newfound discipline among Congressional Democrats. (Notice how the Senate Dems held together unanimously during the ACA repeal battle.) Whether it holds is still unknown, but so far it's been a pleasant surprise. You can also see why the Democrats are in no hurry to see Pence in the White House.

Tom Benjamin

I can't agree with Phil either. I think Trump knew what he was doing. I think McConnell and Ryan knew what he was doing too. They are sticking it to the right wing of the Republican party. Trump is giving them cover. They can sigh, pretend they have been betrayed, and do what has to be done. The Freedom Caucus is the big - the only - loser.

Schumer and Pelosi achieved their objectives. They wanted hurricane aid. They wanted the government to stay open. They definitely wanted to raise the debt ceiling. They have to be the adults in the room. And by agreeing only to a short term extension, they made sure Ryan and McConnell stay on the hook.

What they accomplished was to drive the wedge even deeper into the Republican party. Aside from that, all the Democrats can realistically expect to do is block Trump's agenda.

And through the first year of Trump's presidency, we are still operating with an Obama budget and Obama spending priorities. The debt ceiling comes up again in three months. The Republicans will again need Democratic votes and Pelosi-Schumer will again force Trump and the Republicans to throw the tea party crazies overboard. And they will again block the worst impulses of the Republicans.

Rinse and repeat.

One is tempted to do what Phil suggests - step back and watch the Republicans go down in flames - and politically that might even be the best strategy. But the country goes down in flames with the Republicans.

That's no good even if Republicans take the blame.

Peter G

I would be tempted to agree with PM if I thought screwing up now would cost the Republicans in the Congressional elections to come. The last time the Republicans shut down the government it cost them nothing. I suspect but do not know that the timing was off. By the time the election rolled around the shutdown was ancient history in the modern sense.


"Chuck" and "Nancy" might not have expected to be taken up on their offer. Disaster relief required a deal be reached. Trump can threaten a government shutdown over wall funding and attempt to hold DACA hostage in December. Hopefully "Chuck" and "Nancy" will hold the line.

Tom Benjamin

A government shutdown is one thing, the debt ceiling is another. A disastrous economy would certainly cost the Republicans, but we can't be hoping for a disastrous economy.

Peter G

I'm with you there. Besides the Democrats were going to fund relief for Texas because that's what Democrats do. If the decent thing is being done by an American political party without their arm being twisted it's being done by Democrats. Can you imagine even one of them pulling a full scale Cruz Dirt Bag and debating whether Texans deserve hurricane relief? Only the shittiest of Republicans do that.


Still, at every opportunity I hope the Democrats rub Cruz' nose in shit. Every opportunity.

My worry is the Obama economy will go well long enough so the populace will not associate the consequences of their voting habits with the outcomes. It took the Bush Catastrophe more than seven years before the chickens finally came home to roost.

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