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September 25, 2017



We all know that "deficits don't matter" when a republican is in the white house

Peter G

Ah well back at it. I had a rather pleasant weekend that included munching on Maryland crab cakes in the shadow of Annapolis where A. T. Mahan held sway. And traipsing around Gettysburg indulging a passion for battlefield history. I did not succeed in ascending Little Round Top where my intention was to loudly shout, in homage to Chamberlain, Fix Bayonets! So that remains un bucketed and I will have to return. But I did stand on the ground where Lincoln gave his address insofar as you can get close to it.

These pastimes are not everyone's cup of tea. But I seem to retain a Carlylesque view of great men and great moments in time. You stand on the ridges of Gettysburg and look out of over those fields and you wonder. So you can imagine how much it sucks for me to return to the present and its real time history generation. It is not exactly inspiring stuff watching poltroons poltrooning. Alas there is only this one channel available for now.


When I learned in November of 2016 that Republicans would control all three branches of government, I took it for granted that their looting of federal coffers was the minimum damage that we could expect.

I still feel this way. Elections have consequences. I dare to hope that the Republicans will be made to pay a high political price for their greed.

Anne J

They would have been much better off just going for the massive wealthfare handouts without trying to kill off millions of Americans to do it.


The problem is they wanted their tax cuts to be permanent, rather than have a ten year sunset. And the only way they can do that is to make them "revenue neutral." So they needed the massive spending cuts that are the feature of all the attempted ACA repeal bills to provide the gelt they would shovel to their owners in the form of massive tax cuts. If the latest reform bill doesn't pass, then they are back to figuring out how to create the appearance of revenue neutrality. And they're determined to bypass the CBO, which they think will make the deficit whatever they say it is. In other words, one of Paul Ryan's magic asterisks that will let them proceed with the sham.

Peter G

This isn't going to be easy for them Anne. For some of the Republican tribe, a goodish hunk, the whole point of spending massively on things like the military is to give them the excuse to gut social welfare spending. Deficits cannot be allowed, hence their idiotic posturing about the debt ceiling. For the bulk of them it is just hooey which they ignore when in power. But the purists will not tolerate another lost opportunity to punish Americans. Their donor class may be bought off with tax cuts but I do not think this will go down well with those middle class Trump voters who just want him to Goatse everyone they don't like.

Tom Benjamin

Warning: Off topic from tax cuts and the ever ongoing Republican effort to deprive the poor and throw cash at the wealthy...

Puerto Rico. Save those people. Now. Where is the Navy? Where is the crash program to airlift food, water and medical aid to the island? Even Barack would find dealing with this disaster an enormous challenge over the next few months. I don't think Trump has even noticed the problem yet.

Some very unlucky people are about to learn there can be a real price to pay for incompetence in the White House.

Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico. No better off-topic. Where the fuck is the United States of America? The good people there are, you know, our fellow citizens.

Puerto Rico

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