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October 31, 2017


Peter G

Fortunately Trump's hard core supporters overlap rather nicely with Republican committed primary voters and the Bannonite white nationalist insurgency. The Bannon faction is particularly interesting for their loyalty hinges on Trump catering rather exclusively to their requirements rather than their arch enemies, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the Republican party. It's getting to be tough for these clowns to pretend to be unified.


Poor Republicans. Can't live with Trump and can't live without him.

Anne J

The Bannonites have always been with us, just under different names like "tea party", "John Birch Society" and "Confederacy".

Anne J

Republlcans made their choice long ago, party over country at all costs.

Peter G

I believe you deserve a laugh. Guess who said this: "We shall see what we shall see but, dammit, I just wish this President could be free to try actually concentrating on the real problems he and his country and the rest of us face." Yea like that was ever going to happen.

Anne J

I give up. Who said it?


HAHA ... Tracked down the comment, and you can have a wicked sense of humor, Peter. Got a good chuckle. Thanks.

Anne J

I found it too! Thanks to Peter for the much needed laugh. Now I feel like I need a shower after going to the place where I found it.


Love it. Thanks for the laugh. Only you, Peter, could have pulled this one off.

Peter G

I suit up in a RACAL suit before dropping round there.

David & Son of Duff

I'm surprised Jeeves allowed any of you in!


The quote is on Google; no need to foul our hands in any other way.

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