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October 24, 2017


Maybe they will pass another massive welfare handout to the rich. But if history is any guide any time they went after social security and medicare-the 2005 privatization fiasco for example-it was the American people who rose up and squashed their little scheme. They could still lose next year even if they do succeed at this.

I am not saying you don't have a point. It would be rational to suggest that abject failure leads to electoral consequences. This is also a special case. Not rewarding your billionaire and millionaire donors carries a heavy risk of not being able to rely on them in coming elections. That would make this a must win for all concerned on the Republican side. And I will concede this is a rational viewpoint even as I contest it.

First many Republicans aren't rational. That ought to be enough. But there is more. Two things popped up on my radar screen last week that in conjunction tell a tale that would do a fretful porpentine thing on your locks, if you were a Republican. The first was a article describing fund raising woes at the DNC. The second was an article describing how Democrats are raising astounding amounts of money in Republican districts. Both pieces are to be found at Politico. There is only one way I can reconcile these two pieces and that is that money that used to go to Republicans in Republican districts is going to Democrats in those same districts and by-passing the DNC. Which suggests to me that some of the Establishment money types are fed up with Trumpian bullshit. What do y'all think?

Thanks for the heads-up, Peter. Very interesting stuff.

In case it would handy for others, here are links to the two pieces in Politico



Thank you kindly. I meant to post those but got distracted. Interesting isn't it?

Yes, interesting. Thanks BGY for posting these. Pardon me for not expending a NYT post today on the need for Democrats to field stronger candidates against vulnerable House Republicans. C'm on, guys. And make sure this time they live within the district in which they are running.

This was also a very interesting day, between Corker and Flake. Here's Josh Marshal: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/thoughts-on-jeff-flake

Are we finally seeing cracks? My bet is not quite yet, but I could be wrong. It is headed in that direction.

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