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October 11, 2017


Welcome back Phil. Hope you are feeling better. You're certainly sounding good. You haven't lost your edge.

Back in mid-season form again I see. And still we hear and see the opinions of other morons to the effect that at least the president isn't an intelligent and informed woman named Hillary Clinton. How moronic are these morons? Hard to say really but I suspect they'd still maintain their baseless opinions while digging out from the radioactive ruins of their homes.

Parathetically I watched a news report this morning on the return of what we call hydro crews from Florida. There was some lovely footage of the yard in Tampa where hundreds of such crews from all over the US and Canada were assembled for dispatch to restore power after the Hurricane. The moron and the morons who work for the moron still haven't figured out how to drive such equipment to Puerto Rico. There are none so stupid as those who will not think.

Peter, the willfully moronic who didn't want Hillary Clinton for president, are getting everything with Trump they were afraid of getting with her. I don't know if the country can handle four, let alone eight years of this.

Spot-on, Anne. It's claer that many now realize that Trump is EVERYTHING he (and the GOP and tne med oh a and many on the far Left) claimed that Hil ll ary was.

I'm slightly more optimistic that we will not go through four years of Trump. But I'm still pissed off that we've had to through ten months; we should not have had to go through ten minutes.

Yes, Anne, that's true. The irony of it is that since it's their guy who's ratfucking them, many of them (perhaps the majority) are completely fine with it.

You guys have allies? Somebody better let them know because Trump is behaving like you don't. Apparently not a single person in the Trump administration is aware that the Conservative government of your British ally hangs by a very very thin thread. Which is the support of a minority party in Northern Ireland. And the Trump administration just dropped a giant tariff on Short Brothers aviation, just about the largest employer in guess where? Meanwhile back in my home country, Canada, the decision about which aircraft company is to receive a huge pile of money to provide our next fighter aircraft has been rendered very simple. It isn't going to be Boeing on whose behalf these tariffs have been provided. Which happens to be the most heavily subsidized manufacturer on the planet.

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