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November 28, 2017


With luck Denise McAllister's argument, in all its forms, will convince Alabama voters. Roy Moore should give Mitch McConnell more severe heartburn and put an indelible stamp on the GOP.

Basically Moore is all they've got right now. If he wins they can take him out or use him. But the consequences of the latter are dire. If they take him out to show their moral uprightness they can run some other goon in a special election or whatever is the procedure in Alabama. Which they will win.

Why is it the GOP never seem to pay a price for their cynicism?

Or their hypocrisy for that matter. Damned if I know.

Apropos of nothing, it seems that at a rather young age Eric Trump is as stupid as his dad is now.

Take of the day:

1. They have more money.

2. The definition of a liberal as one who won't take his own side in an argument; a variation of the whimp factor.

3. In any democracy, certain, well, democratic norms must be observed, honored and preserved; when a faction back by enormous sums of money discard these norms, in the service of power without regard to consequences, well, you know . . .

The author now has forfeited her right to wag her finger at any democrat now. Even if you take his cruising for jail bait out of the equation, he is still the same judge who puts the bible before the constitution and refused to remove a religious graven image from the front of what is supposed to be a secular court house.

Seeing as you have given me this piece of humor it is only fair that I reciprocate. Right this very minute at Duff home base he is holding forth on how everyone better educated than himself has been failed by a higher educational system. As evidence he cites a work he is vaguely sure he has read, The Closing of the American Mind. By Harold Bloom.

This is exactly what they said to justify electing Trump. Didn't pass the laugh test then, doesn't pass it now.

I just posted a comment there pointing out his mistake.

The fact that you pointed out his mistake is all the evidence he needs to prove to himself that " everyone better educated than himself has been failed by a higher educational system." It's a closed system spinning in the broken down hamster wheel of a closed mind. And it apes Jehovah's Witness indoctrination that basically convinces its acolytes that if you disagree with them they are being persecuted. There's no epistemological entrance.

Ha. Beautiful.

So did I but he made them disappear. What was interesting to me was his assertion that he had the work in question within arm’s reach. Usually the authors name is on the spine. Where you can read it.

I doubt that he ever wrote anything by Harold Bloom. Bloom has proposed that some portions of the Hebrew Bible were written by a woman, certainly not a conservative position:

“In "The Book of J" bright ideas gleam, vanish and are replaced by more. It pains a reviewer to be able to discuss so few of them. Believers, fundamentalists, may be shocked, but the effect on others will surely be refreshing, with just a little of the jolt that one sometimes gets from looking at a familiar painting newly cleaned. And even those who doubt whether Bloom has truly identified and fairly described his 3,000-year-old genius will surely not withhold a tribute to this author. Prolific and gifted though he has always been, this is his best book.”

The problem with Harold is that you can always find an argument over what is his best book. Here be fightin' words with PM: I read, the other day, a review that asserted that Harold bloom is the world's foremost literary critic. And he is, now that Northrop Frye is dead.

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