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November 28, 2017


I'm a republican and I believe in entitlement cuts too. The entitlement being more trillion dollar handouts to wealthy corporations and lazy trust fund babies. Let those welfare cheats pull themselves up by their designer bootstraps.

That about covers it. The only question I have is about sustainability. Or the complete lack thereof. The model the Republicans are pursuing simply isn't sustainable. To some degree the Democrats got themselves into trouble by trying to argue that certain factions of the Democratic party, if suitably supported, would somehow effectively cause the same trickle down effect. That was never true. There was simply nothing that any American political party could do to prevent technological changes and the rise of other economies in the world from competing with the US for markets and resources. But that left the door open for demagogues on both the left and the right, Trump or Sanders or Stein to claim they had a magic solution. Nothing sells quite so easily as magic but it doesn't
So what is the Republican end game? What is their vision for the future? Their plan is going to produce endless horrors and bleak economic futures for most Americans and foreclose economically on the few openings left for opportunities for advancement. This will principally affect Republican voters of the Trumpist variety

Their end game is a permanent ruling class over a permanent peasant class. They use the religious right's pro life bs to keep the poor reproducing so the rich will have a steady supply of servants, private prison inmates and cannon fodder for for profit wars. If poor people abstained from sex, rich people would cry. I watched a documentary on You Tube a couple of months ago. So many serfs were wiped out, the lords had no one to do back breaking work for them. They couldn't understand why the surviving serfs started asking for more rights. I never thought I would find a documentary about something that horrible so uplifting at the end.

I believe it was 1998 or 99 that Alan Greenspan said we were on track to completely pay off the national debt by 2011. Under this scenario the Republicans were absolutely terrified of future expansions of entitlements and or national health care.

You can't spend money twice but you sure can spend future money. PM is right about future spending cuts as you are right about Republican horror at the thought of government doing anything for Americans. They may have overlooked one or two things, the biggest being the large cuts to military spending that are inevitable under these Republican proposals.

It's already happening in places like Alabama, where there aren't enough people willing to do farm labor to pick the crops, which lie rotting in the fields. And the solution? They want their slaves back.

Military spending will be just fine, since it will be classed under emergency spending for the wars we haven't quite gotten into, but are teeing up for the near future.

Some good advice from Kevin Drum today.

"Republicans are just going to do it, and that’s all there is to it. So why not turn off your brain and go read about Prince Harry instead? He’s also rich, but at least he doesn’t spend his time whining about how meager his allowance is."

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