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November 27, 2017


I suppose much hinges on what Mitch means by moving against Moore. See your previously cited definition of frottage.

Trump admitted last fall it was him on tape. Billy Bush has no doubts.

Of course Trump said it. But you miss the significance of his technique. It is straight from George Orwell's '1984'. Down the memory hole! There are (many) people who are capable and all too willing to forget.

Putin does this as well. Call it speaking power to truth. The lie *is* the point. They're saying they are so powerful they can tell this lie and the rest of us have to swallow it. They are just further slapping their dicks around. That's the whole point.

C'mon people! Let's get real. Who on this planet is going to believe Trump said he was sorry about anything he'd done.

Yes. But it goes somewhat beyond "powerful enough". Many years ago, I remember reading an article about how (guilty) men sometimes dealt with allegations of infidelity. The technique is basically; deny, deny, deny. In the face of all evidence, deny. Evidently, there are more than a few victims of infidelity who are willing to believe the authority of a man who proclaims his innocence strongly enough, even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

The "Big Lie" technique of powerful leaders seems to be somewhat different. I remember listening to Jean Shepherd's monologues out of WOR in New York in the 1960's. He argued that the bigger the lie, the easier it is to have it accepted by a target audience, and he spoke of this in the context of the Soviet leaders of that day. Of course, they never had a monopoly on it, but today, Republicans are now the most skillful practitioners of the Big Lie.

Yup, that's what Hitler found: the lie has to be big enough in order to work. This is not quite the same thing as the old Soviet techniques. Putin knows you know he's lying. That's kind of the point. And the problem with Trump is he lies about so much it's like overused hydraulics that no longer work. Well, they work for ~ 35% of the population - and that's who he is pitching this particular lie to.

It must have been great to hear Jean Shepherd on the radio back then. "The past is a foreign country . . ."

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