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November 27, 2017


Be fair. Some of his policies will just suck outright.

Any Sanders 2020 run, when he will be age 79, will look nothing like his 2016 run (with the exception of PM's observation of making the perfect the enemy of the good), when his main rival went easy on him in the vain hopes of capturing his supporters. No, this time the gloves will be off, his actual record will come into focus for the first time, and rest assured we will all hear about his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, standing up for Castro and Ortega, never finding fault with a Soviet-bloc country; on welfare in his 30s; accomplishing nothing in Congress; voting against TARP, etc. etc. The unicorn left will find out why the GOP had hoped to run against Sanders in '16.,

Can the Dems refuse to let him run as a Dem?

Yes, especially if he continues as the Independent from Vermont schtick.

That's all we need is another purity pony invasion to divide up the democratic party when they can afford it even less than in 2016. They don't need an unwanted invader who wants to run in their party without joining their party. Even Trump deserves more credit than him. Either run as an independent or shut the fuck up.

I'd love it if the DNC changed its entry criteria that one must be registered as a Democrat by a certain date or your name will not appear on the ballot. That's probably rainbows and unicorns. But I think if Sanders runs again he may flame out this time. (Of course, now that he has become so cultish, maybe not . . .) We do know he won't get the free-ish ride he got last year.

I'm guessing the next President won't be a Democrat or Republican unless it goes to a Congressional vote.


I think he will run as an independent. He has enough name recognition. He knows he has zero chance at the Democratic nomination and in a field of several candidates someone will whack him like a piñata during the primaries.

As an independent, he can start running a general election campaign long before either party has a nominee. He can't win but so what? He'll get help from the Russians again and he can keep his fundraising grift going.

That's the nightmare scenario for a second Trump term.

While not discounting this possibility, I think that Sanders has enough integrity to avoid a situation that would be guaranteed to produce a Republican president. After all, Sanders could have done that after he lost the nomination in 2016, and he didn't.

I think that Sanders delivered a death-blow to Clinton, and while he does not believe that, neither do I think he intentionally would take an action guaranteed to produce such a result.

I'm going to sit down and write Old Man Sanders a letter.

Exactly. Sanders peaked last year and will be pushing 80 in 2020. He won't be running as an independent and will not perform as well in '20 as he did in '16 as a sometime Democrat. In the twiighlight of his life he will want to do the right thing.

Yep. In 2016 primaries, Bernie had the advantage of running against the most pathetic tomato can in American political history. (Our candidate ultimately managed to lose to Donald Trump, as you might recall.)

Sanders had the perfect scenario for a political nobody to make a name for himself doing little more than exhibiting a strong pulse.

He will not have such a natural foil to play off of in 2020, which I predict will be a vicious multi-way political dogfight.

"...the most pathetic tomato can.." Lovely, just lovely, Ed.

Gotta hand it to the anti-Clinton propagandists; they have run the most successful smear campaign in U. S. political history. Even huge numbers of otherwise sensible people believe at least some of the smears.


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