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November 27, 2017


I’m not clear on this. If I understand correctly Mitch McConnell, a man with the ideological principals of lice, has been called upon to suborn a bunch of his fellow Republicans with massive bribes of other people’s money. For which he has essentially an unlimited bank account.

This brings to mind one of my father’s colorful expressions. In particular the one about being happier than a pig in shit. I can’t quite see why one would be tempted to feel sorry for Mitch.

I find it difficult to make it even halfway, let alone almost in the feeling sorry for Mitch the Bitch, after every bitch move he made in the Obama era to secure his place of power now. I fear their welfare giveaway to the wealthy will pass without the vote of some mall trolling panty sniffing, bible thumping republican judge as senator. If Moore wins, he's a stain that rightly belongs forever on the party of personal responsibility. The perfect addition to the family values party that is one big valueless family.

There's no need to feel sorry for McConnell. He's doing what Republicans have done since shortly after the Civil War when the party became the defenders of Northern industrialists. Protecting industry and the wealthy is the only hill they're really ready to die on. All else, including white nationalism and fiscal prudence, is window dressing.

"Wavering members"...Sens. Ron Johnson, Steve Daines, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, James Lankford, and John McCain.

And, ummmm, where is the "Pride of Canada"....? I seem to recall something about him and deficits.

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