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November 10, 2017


Hmm. I foresee some difficulties for the Republicans. Moore won despite being outspent five to one by his Republican primary opponent who got all the establishment money and support. Looks like money isn't that important to win a Republican primary. Being the most extreme candidate is. Now I will admit that tax cuts are something all Republicans can get behind whether or not it blows up the deficit.

But what if they succeed? They will have accomplished the only thing that basically unites the party. And the Bannonite wing wants things that would make an Establishment Republican weep. Ask those farmers how they feel about killing their most lucrative markets which are export markets. Once they have their tax cuts will the Establishment wing support support loony nativist/protectionist nutbars financially? Why would they do that?

If there is anything republicans can accomplish it's the one thing they truly care about which is giving more government handouts to their wealthy donors. It might win them more campaign donations but it won't necessarily win them any more votes and voting is still where elections are won and lost. From articles I have read this week, the lesson republicans took away from Tuesday's drubbing is that they need to double down on their unpopular policies, that they lost because they weren't working hard enough to keep their promises. That only works among their primary voters if it works at all. If the democrats can carry Tuesdays victories into next year, republicans may get the message then, but I doubt it.

Noted scumbag pro-Trump Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) actually admitted that a wealthy donor told him if the GOP didn't get the tax cut through, "Don't ever call me." So Swan is right-on-the-money in his observation of the panic that grips the Republicans. So it's a heavier lift for the Democrats than blunting the repeal of ACA. This awful bill might go through. But de facto now with the Democratic wins, even though there was not a direct translation in terms of Congress, the Dem wins do bolster the Congressional Democrats' power. (This will be helpful in protecting Mueller.) Not to mention the actual bill that exists is political suicide and we are going on eleven months away from defining elections.

I was just informed by a friend who works in education that the current tax legislation will greatly impact colleges and universities. Graduate students will no only be taxed on their income, but also on the value of tuition they may receive as part of their aid package. Also, taxes on the college endowments, which will have the effect of reducing the funds available for scholarships, and making education unaffordable for many.

All so the rich can have their tax cuts. Higher education will be gutted, which falls very much in line with the anti-intellectual, anti-expertise fervor currently in place. Putin probably could not imagine a better return for his efforts at sabotaging our election.

Speaking of Putin, I was reading stories about Moore and Alabama. One Republican official there actually said that, if he had the choice to believe either Putin or the Washington Post, he would choose Putin. Ah, American exeptionalism. Freedom to be a stupid as you want to be.

Ain't gonna happen. The way to do it depended on "repeal and replace," which was the way they planned to pay for the tax cuts. But that went to shit. And with that went reconciliation. And a 51-vote victory.

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