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November 30, 2017


I have a hard time getting upset when people do exactly what you think they will do. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, republicans gotta cut taxes for rich people.

Sadly the maverick dart board McCain seems to use to render his decisions seems to not have worked in our favour. He hit black.

If the Democrats ever regain control perhaps they should take Bernie's approach and offer free national health,college and day care. Blowing the debt to Japanese levels. At least this would put Republicans on defense for a change,otherwise Democrats may be the ones that have to cut entitlement spending.

Can we please stop calling a pre-paid benefit, drawn from savings we earned and were compelled to set aside through government agencies, an "entitlement"?

The only entitlement in this country is that of the already obscenely hyper-rich who feel entitled to take food from grannies' mouths, force them to freeze in the dark, and slap children's life-saving medicine out of their mothers' hands.

Here's hoping the Democrats NEVER take a Sanders approach. To anything. Twenty-seven years in Congress and nothing to show for it except tilting a windmills. And voting against TARP.

I agree. Frank Luntz best work by far.

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