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November 25, 2017


Anne J

"For the first time in our history we expect the President of the United States to be a Goebbelsesque jackass of narcissistic, authoritarian-wanna be lies." And there were no conservatives around to stand athwart history to yell "Stop!". Maybe a few conservative voters who were against him, but not much more. Just republican enablers who dare to call themselves conservatives.

Peter G

What will future historians call the Republican Party? It won’t be the Party Of Lincoln. Trump is pathological and there is no reason to suspect that he is capable of being shamed except in one aspect. And that is how much money he hasn’t. When it comes to shame those who own that are the members of the party that elected a president who needs baby sitters.

Anne J

The republicans are now officially the party of Jefferson Davis. And they seem proud of that.


That's been true since the Civil Rights Bill was signed during the Johnson administration, exacerbated by Nixon's Southern Strategy.

Anne J

Yes but they spoke in dog whistles back then. Now the dog whistles have been replaced by bullhorns.


"I just handed the country to the GOP for the next 50 years." - you-know-who, you-know-when.


Re, the Time cover: When the Mueller investigation concludes, the cover will read: "Traitor of the Millennium."


The fact that this truly disgusting behavior is tolerated by about 40% of Americans indicates that human evolution continues. Homo Sapiens has begun to transform into Homo Stupidens, and the transformation is most advanced in the US. American Exceptionalism!

I believe that there are potentially many Ph.D. thesis opportunities as to why this is the case. While most virulent here, I do not mean to suggest that it is absent elsewhere. Just note the example of our "dear" British "friend" David Duff. However, the hope is, with the example of America on ugly display, these other nations can take appropriate steps to keep this disturbing development under firm control. Once again, our country takes the lead in safeguarding the rest of the world!


The Trump Administration is the de facto administration of Vladimir Putin.

L.  Reeves

"Once again our country takes the lead in safeguarding the rest of the world!"

I love your silver-lining take on our horror, Tony. Kudos! :)


Kellyanne Conway probably told Trump Time called in an effort to flatter her boss knowing his need for constant ego maintenance.

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