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November 30, 2017


I have often thought, looking over the arc of Trump's failures as both a man and a business man, that his narcissism amounts to self-medicating with one condition to treat a deeper one. That would be his fear of being exposed as incompetent, known as the Impostor Syndrome with a side order of Kruger Dunning. Seasoned with the Peewee Herman alibi. Whatever the outcome of his poor decisions, he meant to do that. Whatever the hell it is, that's the real Secret of NIMH.

Maybe someone on the NYDN editorial board reads this site for inspiration. His drooling fanboys can be separated into two camps: the ones who don't think he's crazy and the ones who don't care if he is.

"The sooner Americans see his method, rather than his madness, the more effective our opposition to him can be."

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