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December 10, 2017


David & Son of Duff

A deeply unimpressed Kevin D. Williamson at the NR sums it up thus:

'The Republican party took the lead in seeing off both American slavery and worldwide Communism under the leadership of men including Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. The most today’s Republican party can say for itself is: “You can’t prove our guy was a serial molester of adolescent girls! That’s up to the people of Alabama to decide.”'


From Karl Rove I learned nothing about the makeup of the outliers but much about the shape of the bell curve.

The Dark Avenger

Happily, I do not have much to say concerning Mr. Moore because I know next to nothing of his case and where-of I know nothing, I say nothing!
December 09, 2017 at 10:38 AM

Quite a turnabout in less than 24 hours, Corporal Spode!

David & Son of Duff

Which is why, DA, I said nothing and merely quoted Mr. Williamson.

Do try and buck up, there's a good fellow!

The Dark Avenger

You post a POV without endorsing or reputing it, is that it?

It seems a bit bizzare that this particular fellow has left you, all too briefly, I fear, speechless on himself and his followers.

At ease, Corporal Spode!


Lost Cause senilities that one is unlikely to find in Pennsylvania

I assume you've heard the classic description of Pennsylvania? "It's got Philadelphia at one end and Pittsburgh at the other, and a whole lot of Alabama in between".

Your point is well taken that the Alabama Moore-on mind-set is not typical of the whole country, but unfortunately it does extend beyond Alabama.

Anne J

I've seen it here in California.

The Dark Avenger

We're working on turning this part of Red California blue.

Peter G

Ever heard of the Iron Brigade? If you visit Mchigan’s capital, Lansing, you will see monuments honoring their civil war sacrifice. If you drive around Michigan or shop there you will see entire families dressed in camouflage with the Stars and Bars prominently displayed on their vehicles. Not in Detroit of course, or places like Ann Arbor. These are the descendants of the men who fought in the Iron Brigade. I think they switched sides.

David & Son of Duff

No, DA, I posted someone else's point of view which, given my admitted lack of knowledge, I could hardly endorse or criticise. However, given that it was sympathetic to our host's opinion, I thought it might cheer you all up. Silly me, I keep forgetting you are still in a catatonic state of depression since last November!

Anne J

I've only lived in red California. From Orange County to Inland Empire back to Orange County. For what it's worth the district where I've been living did go democrat in the last election.

Peter G

Given the vast field’s of human knowledge you profess not to an inkling about I have always found your certitudes rather puzzling. Curious logic: I don’t know anything about something therefore people who do must be wrong. It deserves it’s own nomenclature in the list of logical fallacies, argumentum ad ignoramus.


"My admitted lack of knowledge." A feature for you, Duff, not a bug.

The Dark Avenger

Old boy, your diagnosis skills are rusty, as usual.


Silly man. It's *all* about us white boys and our racism and we live *everywhere*.

Anne J

Apparently, democrats are sharpening their weapons for 2018 if Moore wins.


And they'll lose every non-"liberal bastion" race if they adhere to that strategy. You'd think by now the Dems would realize that people DON'T CARE about improprieties if it's their guy (see: Liberal backlash against Conyers/Franken stepping down, GOP complete disinterest of Russia ties to Trump).

Until the Dems make a reasonable case that they better represent the interests of the voters, they'll continue to lose. Nobody cares about how "qualified" someone is or if they'll "bring respectability to Washington." Life isn't The West Wing, where the dumb Republican gets rhetorically owned and suddenly sees the error of his/her ways.

Politics is about power. And while Dems have been whining about process or the violation of political norms, the GOP has finally figured out they have enough of it to do whatever the hell they want. So look forward to Senator Moore getting appropriations for a whites-only waterslide next year.

Anne J

I find it odd that even the left holds democrats to a higher standard than they do republicans. How's that working out for the country?

Paul Wartenberg

But Dems TRY to make reasonable cases that they DO a better job representing the interests of people.

It's that there's too many voters who vote on impulse, and emotion, and never really the issues unless the issues directly affect them (which, outside of an economic recession, is rare).

Dems need to reach voters on an emotional level. The question is, how can you do that and retain any self-respect and credibility afterward?

Paul Wartenberg

Rude Pundit wrote this back in 2014, and it presaged how 2016 turned out:

" Here's everything you need to know about the 2014 midterms in a single anecdote: Last week, as he's mentioned, the Rude Pundit convinced the Rude Brother to vote for the Democrat, Mary Landrieu, in the Louisiana Senate race. The Rude Brother has long been Republican, but he is also for raising taxes on the wealthy, doesn't care about gay marriage, thinks abortion should be safe and legal, and agrees that humans contribute to climate change, among other beliefs. By just about any measure of politics, the Rude Brother is moderate-left, a Democrat. When the conversation ended, RB had said he would vote for Landrieu.

Cut to Election Day morning. The Rude Pundit received a text from RB: "And, in the end, the kid couldn't pull the trigger for Mary." A little later, he got another message: "It felt dirty voting for Landrieu." RB went with Bill Cassidy, the Republican, who believes the opposite of everything RB believes in. In fact, Bill Cassidy will try to take health insurance away from our Rude Sister and her family. RB had said he has no problems with Obamacare. Well, he does now.

There you have election 2014. A voter goes into the booth believing the world should be a certain way and then pushes the buttons for the candidates who will do everything they can to stop the world from being that way."

Too many voters are partisan, and hardwired to vote AGAINST an ideology even when voting that way HURTS THEMSELVES. It's insane, and heartbreaking, and a perfect reason why we are so royally f-cked.

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