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January 22, 2018



There may be a deal in the works. See

One might argue that it's foolish to believe any of the turtle's promises, as Susan Collins ought to know by now. Except that Susan Collins says Democrats should trust him. See

I guess McConnell only breaks promises made to fellow GOPers. I'm sure that THIS time Charlie Brown will be able to kick that football. Or am I missing something?

Peter G

Watch me get even more pragmatically brutal. Let the Republicans do what they want to the Dreamers. Nothing wrong with pointing out the Republicans want to kill children either. Which is very clearly what they intend to do by holding CHIP hostage. Let them send squads of paramilitaries to round up Dreamers for internment prior to deportation. Let the public see how that works in practice. Let them see the faces on these "dangerous criminals" on the nightly news. Let them see what happens to people raised in the US who are dropped into what is to them a foreign country. Let them see the racists howl with joy and exultation. Let Trump retweet the joy of these "real" Americans.

And after this blows up in the Republicans collective faces. Which it will if my faith in America is not misplaced. And then you can bring them all home.

Peter G

First link: that'd would be great.
Second Link: that'd would be great too. If McConnell agreed and defaulted then, no doubt, they'd would be forced to indulge their anti-immigrant faction and follow through on their desires. If he did allow a vote that would be tremendous trouble for the Republicans in the Senate. Also great.

My money would be on Mitch being a lying sack of shit. That's just going by the racing form. If there's going to be a hot potato then let the Republicans hold it either way.


The devil is in the details. It looks like whatever they agree to vote on then will be subject to a 60 vote threshold. With more than 40 votes in his pocket, McConnell can let them vote until the cows come home with no consequences. The trick will be to break that barrier. And the immediate deal to reopen the government, even if it passes in the Senate, will have to pass in the House as well. My guess is this will not end the shutdown, because the House will conclude that the Senate didn't get enough from the Democrats to justify ending it. In the House, the only thing that will end it is if Trump gets his wall fully funded. Because every time the Democrats make a concession, the Republicans demand more. And Trump will undoubtedly weigh in as well.

Peter G

That seems like a reasonable assessment to me. They want what they want. They are biggest faction of the Republican party or certainly the most important one when it comes to primaries. They may not be a majority but they were a large enough minority to get Trump elected. They don't want Dreamers, they don't want CHIP. They want to hurt as many people as they can. They want a useless wall. Wait a second....I thought the Mexicans were going to pay for that wall!

There aren't many openings through which the Democrats can escape and leave the Republicans holding the bag. But that may be one.


Well, that didn't take long, did it? Am I the only Democrat who saw this coming?


Can we at least agree that we got Mitch McConnell’s word— which means NOTHING

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