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January 22, 2018



Was it really a bad move for the Dems to enable shutdown since it led to the the House being on the hook?

Peter G

I strongly disagree that Trump would be smart enough to delay deportations until after the midterms. Somebody else in his administration or elsewhere in the the government might. He just isn't that smart.

Other than that this is a battle that couldn't be won. Now. I did not want to seem heartless in my previous comments but please keep in mind every Dreamer deported now can be welcomed home later. If the Democrats win. And I could probably take some televised family reunions on the nightly news like a man. Meaning I would be blaming tears on non-existent allergies.

I'm kind of thinking that the impulsive Trump is going to give in to demands to deport which will be coming in every louder screams from his base base. Now! We want to fuck over people now!


A pretty good viewpoint expressed in the WaPo by Carter Eskew. Pretty short, too, only 3 paragraphs long.

"This deadline, as well as the ongoing uncertainty in the status of a group of people who inspire widespread sympathy in most Americans, puts pressure on the president and Republicans in Congress to “save the dreamers.” Watch for increasing media coverage of the sad circumstances of families under threat of being torn apart because a failure to resolve DACA hangs over them like a sword. On this issue, unlike the shutdown, Schumer enters the fight with widespread public support, a united party, and a divided and vulnerable opponent in Republicans, who run the ideological gamut on the issue from immigration hard-liner Stephen Miller to moderates such as Reps. Carlos Curbelo and Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida. So, Schumer’s retreat gives him the high ground for the next — and more important — battle."

So, I must consider the possibility that Schumer actually did something smart for a change. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.....


We got CHIP, whose importance cannot be understated.


Re: "We got CHIP"

Trump takes something away from people, makes them grovel to get it back, and then the people act as if they won something.



Huh? We got a six year extension. You know: children.


BTW Trump had pretty much nothing to do with this.


Well actually, except for the word "pathetic", you are correct. Trump took something away, we (the people who need CHIP) got it back, and I'll be damned if I don't consider that a victory.


It was set to expire.

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