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January 27, 2018


He knows women can vote right?

We can't forget that this bughouse batshit lunacy in the republican party started long before Trump ran for president and in fact he wouldn't have been possible without it. If last year is any historical guide, we learned that Trumpism only worked for Trump. Ed Gillespie in Virginia, and Roy Moore in deep red Alabama, for example. I don't know how far this preening jackass will get, maybe he will have better luck than them maybe he won't even make it through the primaries. He sure does look like he's awfully impressed with himself, though. Claire McCaskill sure does seem to have unbelievable luck in reelection opponents. This one is even more loathsome and contemptible than her last one, Todd Akin. He was the one that said women can't get pregnant from rape because our bodies just "shut that whole thing down" during rape. (Hint: that is false.) Nothing charms us gals like having condescending males mansplain our bodies to us. This new member of the right wing clown show probably doesn't think women should have the right to vote at all.

Gee, I wonder if any other women on this planet might feel the same way?

Anybody else think this guy should be locked up in a zoo and fed nothing but Papa John's pizza for the rest of his life?

I wonder if I should feel sorry for the woman in the picture with him?

I didn't before, but great suggestion!

Since the theme of P.M.'s message today seems to be unwitting parody, let's put him next to the jackals.

He's not the limit. There is no bottom to the privy until the far right wing of the GOP decides to stop digging, or drowns in its own shit.

This is such an amazing commercial, Democrats ought to run it, too.

I wonder. The guy doesn’t have enough history to even rate a Wiki page. He apparently is parachuting himself into Missouri out of Arkansas and we all know how popular immigrants from strange lands are in Conservative states. He is presenting himself as an international man of misery as far as women go. And men with an IQ over 90. Is this Andy Kaufman reincarnated?

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