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January 28, 2018


Well one thing Nixon didn't have that Trump has is a republican majority congress willing to go out of their way to aid and abet him at every turn. This is a kind of treason that dates back to at least the Reagan era.

Clearly, if there was no collusion, then obviously Trump had to obstruct an investigation that wasn't going to find anything.

Nobody beats Nixon's (and Kissinger's) body count: 4 million is the conservative estimate. (The number of civilians killed by America since the end of WWII, 1945, is approximately 10 million.) At least Regan loathed torture and nuclear weapons. (In Iran-Contra, he certainly did not faithfully take care of the laws.) By the time Bush the Lesser left the White House the Republican party had lost all semblance of a conscience.

This kind of treason we are witnessing today is at an entirely different level; it's real treason, selling our country out to a hostile foreign government. Of this level of treason, old-fashioned conservatives would be shouting, "Hang them from the nearest lamppost!" This is where Lindsay Graham's unicorn pronouncements today are utterly meaningless, laughable. As if.

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