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January 31, 2018


To elaborate on Peter G's earlier comment: "TRAIN FULL OF TRASH IN CHARLOTTESVILLE CRASH". How oddly fitting.

A "Republican train wreck." I love it. :)

Btw, all the talk in the news about Trump's remark to Andrew McCabe about McCabe's wife being a loser. Horrible. But what seems to have escaped discussion is that is it now proven that Trump INTENDED to STRAND Comey by firing him while away from his office --to leave him without the use or security of travel back to Comey's base, his desk, his things. I find this to be a talking point worth talking about! The mean, spiteful remark about McCabe's wife is just typical Trumpian vomit but the purposeful intent to strand Comey by firing him while he was working away from home base is planned cruelty and humiliation, and even more hateful than Trump's off the cuff remark about Comey's wife.

We've now learned that someone died in the accident between the truck and the train and this was a harrowing event so I feel bad about laughing about a train wreck. As it turns out, nothing to laugh about.

Very sad. The initial reports did not mention this. Alas the interwebs are now full of conspiracy theories that this was an assassination attempt.

I find it ironic that a train full of people who keep trying to defund Amtrak should be caught up in this tragedy. If this were Europe, Japan or any other civilized country, these Podunk crossings would have been closed to insure public safety.

A train wreck that kills people is an even more appropriate metaphor for the party. I say this with sincere apologies to the victim.

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