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February 27, 2018


Ah yes, another of those REMFs who demand respect for their service. And despise most of the people they claim to have served. Still, I support his run for office. As you rightly point out the political terrain where Claire is called upon to do battle requires some good luck in opponents. I remember pointing out on your other post that another of the Republican candidates publicly expressed the wish that his fellow Republicans would stop writing camapign material for Claire. Sorry. Can't be done.

The new Missouri compromise.

I wouldn't rule out an upset, either. But Moore lost in a state that truly is Alabama through and through, and if all goes well in November, Claire McCaskill may end up being even happier than Sykes for Moore's endorsement of him.

As a native Missourian who recently returned after a decade away, I have a hard time processing the shift from 2008 -- when McCain won the state by fewer than 4000 votes and the state wasn't called until days after the election -- to Clinton's drubbing in 2016. (Further back, the maps from the 1992 and 1996 elections are shockingly blue.)

Still, even this batshit crazy state came enticingly close to having two Democratic senators, no thanks to anyone outside of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia. Here's hoping we still have even one come November.

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