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February 22, 2018


Michael Scarn

I agree with the conclusion. The last few years - and in particular the election of Trump and the Republican support of him - has established for all time, in my view, that there is no argument made by a "conservative" that is ever made in good faith. That's not to say that the arguments can't be made in good faith, or can't be reasonable, but they're never actually made in good faith, and they'll be changed or contradicted whenever it's politically helpful to do so.

Peter G

Perhaps, unsurprisingly many of that tribe also believe Obama was president on Sept 11 in the year 2001. They even have their own theme song:

But I have a question. Why Hunter? Why now?


I have that pic of HST aka Raul Duke on my 'fridge with the quote, "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

Peter G

I used to by RS just because it had a communique from wherever HST was. Fear and loathing on the Campaign trail is till one of the best books on politics I ever read.

Anne J

I have that one too!

Ed Doerr


I attribute the phenomenon to the influence of Lee Atwater, who championed the abandonment of any semblance of intellectual pride (good faith discussion), in favor of the acquisition of power.


RS / HST coverage of the '72 campaign remains a milestone in journalism and had an enormous impact on my political development (although I had started working for McGovern weeks prior to picking up my first issue of RS).




Biden confirmed that McConnell blocked a bipartisan effort by Obama to put out a statement on the Russian meddling in the elections. I say the Obama administration should have gone ahead anyway, since, as you have pointed out PMC, you can't win an argument with a (door)knob anyway and they were going to be slammed one way or t'other.

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