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February 26, 2018


You’d think they would but I don’t think they can. What we have here is a herd of rugged individualists of the Brooksian archetype. Trump is awful, what is happening to the Republican Party is awful they tell us. But not for the reasons we think or what they, respectively, believe. Brooks is merely the flag carrier of the tribe to which he does not wish to acknowledge he belongs. This is why he writes columns telling us we despise Trump for the wrong reasons. Hell they all tell us we despise Trump for the wrong reason. They tell each other they’ve got it wrong. It’s pretty hard to stitch a Frankenstein movement together out of these bits and pieces.

Mind you, I understand their problem. All this time we were telling them where conservatism was heading. And they were telling us we were full of crap and justifying every shitty thing the Republicans did. And now the train has pulled into the station. They have arrived. It’s pretty hard to admit, if you have a healthy respect for your own intellect as these pundits do, that they were wrong. As painful as it is though, they are doing that. But they just can’t bring themselves to admit we were right.

"But if those who still believe in moderation don’t face up to it now, they will be complicit in the far right’s ascendancy."

They have been complicit in the far right's ascendancy for years now. They didn't believe in moderation until they did, yet they have no idea what it looks like. That's why they have no "positive, organized, alternative" to the violent insanity of Trumpism. And now, who would listen to them if they came up with one? They supported the dangerous incompetence of the Bush the Lesser era, the proud dingbatism of Sarah Palin, and the self centered tea party movement and now they complain?

They made their own bed, now they get to sleep in it, fleas, lice, rabies and all. Trump hasn't done anything that wasn't clearly foreshadowed in the Bush administration. Where were these enlightened, Burkean conservatives when Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy to "go fuck yourself" in the well of the Senate? Where were they during the despicable swift boating of John Kerry? Where were their delicate, enlightened sensibilities when Karl Rove smeared John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primaries by insinuating that he had a black love child? Were Andrew Sullivan and David Frum clutching their pearls and fainting over this affront to civility and our grand democratic traditions? Uhm, no.

The cute little baby crocodile they nurtured in its swamp - feeding it, coddling it, and empowering it at every turn for their own short-sighted political advantage - has now grown into a twenty foot long carnivorous monstrosity that is, surprise, surprise, biting off their hands. Now they wring their hands like staid Victorian ladies who've just seen a women's ankle and affect to be shocked! Who knew the Republican base was so racist and authoritarian? Not us!

Sorry, I'm not buying. If these enlightened, Burkean conservatives didn't see the monster they were creating then they're inexcusably blind. They forfeit any claim to being considered relevant commentators on American politics.

But they're not obtuse. They knew goddamned good and well what they were doing. They tittered indulgently when Rush Limbaugh called Jesse Jackson "a chocolate chip" and when Michael Savage told a homosexual caller to "go get AIDS and die." After all, they got the Republican vote out. All's fair in love and politics, right? It was all so cricket when you could just put the right wing loonies back in their pens and revival tents after they had done their electoral duty and voted Republicans in office.

Now those loonies are controlling the asylum and genteel conservative pundits are running scared. They spoiled their precious little baby with chocolates and toys, and now they just don't understand how he turned out to be so obnoxious and obese!

Sorry, our Hofstaderian political traditions lost their balance decades ago, and the David Frums and David Brook's were irresponsibly cheering it on from the luxury boxes.

That was a superb historical review. And I say that in a place where commentary standards are already high.

And don't forget the bedbugs too! If these whining hypocrites don't like it, then my message to them is, "Welcome to the left's world...that you helped create!"

Who are the voters for this new party? Presumably they aren't trying to steal the racists and the Christopaths back from Trump, as the ascendancy of those people is what is giving them indigestion. So who's left? Furthermore, if you aren't pursuing policy goals to buy those undesirables off, what is the platform? Might as well just be a Clinton/Obama New Democrat.

Just out of curiosity I ask, what is a Clinton/Obama New Democrat?

I love this, too. One notation: Frum has seen the light where Brooks has not and still has no clue.

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