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February 27, 2018


There are signs this may be true. Democracies with low voter turnouts are vulnerable to manipulation. To those who persist in arguing that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans I would kindly suggest you blow that out your ass. You aren't 'woke'. You are dreaming.

Boot is a conservative writer and historian and therefore partially blind. He does, in his piece, include the obligatory Clinton shot. This is entirely reflexive and to be expected. To be sure Clinton did indeed secure deferments that allowed him not to serve in Vietnam. Alas he did not have the family connections needed to secure a no show National Guard position. But I know someone who did.

On the other hand I know another guy who could have gone the family connections route but didn't. His name is John Kerry. You might recall the man. He, like Mueller, seems to have done a bit of dedication to public service and served in combat. Funny isn't it, how guys like Boot, never seem to recognize such service. And not notice when it is assaulted and disdained if it involves a Democrat.

I would agree with him to this extent. This is another battle for America's soul. You've had many and Boot was on the wrong side in most of them.

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