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February 27, 2018


Chief State Department expert on North Korea resigned today to "spend more time with his family." Hmmm...

"most powerful nation" is questionable

What do you mean now?

That seems a little harsh rather than funny. But let’s be honest the word now would have to encompass a little over a year to be accurate. This must be tough on anyone who set out academically to study American political history. Who wants to study cranial proctology. Goes with the territory now I suppose.

True...and hey, it's not like we were not warned by a certain person (with the initials HRC) that this guy who's now the President and the people that he picked for his cabinet were not the right people to put into power.

But, you know...emails. And some people wanting to be morally pure by throwing their votes to a charlatan who's a Putin apologist. Or not voting at all.

So here we are.

Turns out we just heard wrong. Trump’s dentures were a bit wonky and what he actually said was he was going to hire the pest people. Four more of whom were fired today for being unworthy of a security clearance.

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