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February 24, 2018


The bone chilling malignity of the Trump administration has been with us since before there was a Trump administration. It's just a lot more out and proud now.

And Trump is the logical conclusion of all that passes for conservatism in America. Sheep in wolf’s clothing. Snowflakes with spring on the way. Don’t really follow Twitter all that much but I have to say following young Parkland survivor Sarah Chadwick beat Marco Rubio like a drum and then humiliate crazy lady Laura Ingraham was pure pleasure. Respect adults says crazy lady who respects not even dead students! The internet, as they say was not kind. But it sure was funny.

Chait makes similar observations:

"But the conservative movement’s willingness to embrace Trump is not an accident. The traits that endeared him to the movement have clear historical antecedents. He follows in the path of other right-wing heroes in American history: Charles Coughlin, Joseph McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh. The founding texts of the conservative movement, None Dare Call It Treason and A Choice, Not an Echo, are conspiracy theories.

Trump’s base within the party lies on its right, not its left. The Republicans who most adore him are the most conservative ones, and those most alienated from him are the most moderate..."

Is it really right to call these people conservatives anymore?

No. All the good things bout old-time conservatism small "c" - you know, prudence, respect for institutions, care in foreign affairs, respect for social covenants - are all gone. It's now only about power, nothing more.

Can't disagree.

There have never been more than two real goals on the right: to get and keep as much money and power as possible, by any means possible. As Alexander Pope succinctly advised: "Get place and wealth, if possible with grace; if not, by any means get wealth and place." The contemporary GOP has completely discarded grace--as you say, all the good things about small 'c' conservatism.

I had my cry in the shower years ago

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