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February 01, 2018


Who is running this country now? Republicans or Russians? They are both so power hungry, it looks like they are for now helping each other in pursuit of their short term goals. But at some point, their interests are going to conflict...aren't they? Should we be depressed or scared?

Maybe Kelly and he just went full Nathan Jessup on a Californian school teacher with anti-military views.

Which sounded oddly familiar to me. It sounded like this:

Apparently, like quite a few of the military types, Kelly does not understand that among the things he claims the honor of defending, free speech is among the foremost. The correct thing for him to have done was to quietly disagree and point out that he nevertheless honorably defended the right of Americans to disagree with him.

So I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly is ordering this Code Red.

That is scary.

"By only blindly following orders can we ever hope to remain free."
- Major Frank Burns, M*A*S*H

Thanks for the hilarious memory!

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