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February 25, 2018


November is the ONLY answer.

Trump wasn't the only one who benefited from Russian interference

You either believe as the Trumpers believe or you do not. But there is nothing persuasive about the Trump/Nunes rants unless you were an unthinking Trumper to begin with. If you were newly emerged from a long term coma and restored to health and decided to investigate these claims what might you conclude? They are entering full panic mode with Trumpski alternately shrieking about how evil his opponents are and bleating plaintively about how everyone needs to get together and support him. He’s calling people like Pirro to secure emotional support and whine in a way I never imagined an occupant of the Oval Office could.

But what if he's already winning in 2020?

Keep the faith, ignore Politoco aka Tiger Beat on the Potomac; remember America does not want this.

I hope you're right, Max. I have fears that the politico article may be more right than not. But I'll try to keep the faith, too.

Thank you, Max

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