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February 28, 2018


When this story came up yesterday I confess I feared for the word occasionally. It is now being tested far beyond the capacity for which it was designed and I don't think it can survive. We may have to, as empathetic human beings, have it put down.

Isn't this the same Hope Hicks who helped author a glowing statement about her ousted ex boyfriend, the ex wife abuser?

One and the same I guess. But I note that sometimes the English language fails us. Not your fault really because I know what you mean by ex wife abuser. Still they were current wives when he abused them and not exes. And then, because I know a couple of alcoholics who haven't a had a drink in decades but still know they are alcoholics, won't he always be an abuser even if he doesn't currently have a punching bag? Perhaps a compromise is in order. How about complete asshole? What do you think?

Yes I was a bit apprehensive about my wording, but kept it the way it was. The term "complete asshole" works for me. It can be used in so many other ways that fit this administration.

Well, she's resigned. Another one bites the dust.

She was just the latest contestant eliminated from this reality show administration.

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