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February 27, 2018


What's up today in Pinhead's Playhouse? Whatever it is, I guarantee you, he meant to do that. Been having fun posting elsewhere in regard to Trump's hypothetical heroism. His retreat from an American Bald Eagle named Uncle Sam always gets a laugh.

Are we sure he didn't bravely avoid venerial disease during Vietnam? He seems to have an advanced case of syphilis. Sorry, but I like my draft dodgers STD free. And as for those in favor of preemptively locking up those of us with mental illness? Be careful what you wish for. I can't think of any idea more insane than an all guns everywhere all the time policy. How are you going to keep guns away from us nutjobs if you insist on having them in everyone's faces all the time? If an open carry advocate gets their rifle snatched from them by a crazy person, can we say the open carry guy was asking for it? Like how rape victims are blamed for the crime committed against them because of the way they were dressed.

What The Donald would look like if shot:

Great comments.

Wherever they put you there won't be any guns will there? Could I have the room next to yours?

“Spokesharpy”? I prefer the gender neutral “spokesliar” since Spicer was just as untruthful.

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