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February 28, 2018


So I guess Kushner must be under double secret unprobation? You can’t write about these guys without Animal House impinging on your consciousness.

Btw, a new Zen Koan for the modern age: if a presidential brief is never read by an illiterate president is it still a presidential brief.

Is it my imagination, or has the news re: Trumpworld just been one big shitstorm after another since the GOPers got done patting themselves on the back about their Great Big Tax Cut for the Rich?

Amidst all the recent Good News (I've been checking out Fox News lately) about indictments, the travails of young Prince Jared, and the whiff of a Kelly/McMaster rebellion/coup, i noticed a short piece yesterday that suggested that folks interviewed by Mueller have said, OTR, that the team has asking about Trump's financial maneuverings in the 2015-17 time frame.

I can only speculate who these leakers could be, but I'd be willing to bet that one of them has the initials, Steve Bannon.

But I shouldn't mention betting. Just a month ago, i would have been willing to bet that The Don would make it to the 2020 election. Now, I think the next 6-8 months is going to be the craziest time in American political history. i think we'll learn things that'll make Watergate seem like a polite garden party.

He's going to miss out on one or two bullet points on a 3x5 index card, and some pictures.

I'm sure he would read them if they came in the form of a 140 character tweet that ended in the word "SAD!"

Rick Wilson has his own take on what a pickle this would put dear leader in if he were to personally unfetter his officially fettered son-in-law.


Sorry wrong link:


Such is my impression as well. Every day we ask, what fresh stupid has befallen this silly crew. It's like watching The Tempest enacted by the characters from Gilligan's Island but rewritten by the writers of How To Get Away With Murder. A show which is distinguished by the fact that every character in it is a despicable human being.

I think maybe Rick doesn't like Jared.

I sensed that too.

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