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March 27, 2018


I'll tell you the same thing I tell every blogger who fundraises. I pay for my internet access. Therefore, I'm already paying to access this site. I'm not going to double pay. Get out there and successfully campaign for free internet for all American citizens, and then I'll pay you.

Wish it could be more

That's a shitty thing to say. Mr. Carpenter also has to pay for internet to bring you this site and it's not his fault that free internet access to all is not something we have

I was one of those who asked to pay by means of a check - so this is great news. I've had my card identity compromised enough so I really don't want it floating out there. PM you are so worth it.

Well said, Anne. And PM is a smart entrepreneur who I presume has low overhead and can bring his work to us via the internet with no annoying, interrupting ads --all to the benefit and enjoyment of us, the readers, too.
And we can contribute to his efforts --all the way to zero dollars if we choose. He only asks, as he should!
I hope PM has a very successful fund-raising season so that we continue to benefit from his work and so that he can enjoy --I don't know, a dinner out now and then?!
Go PM!!

I pay taxes for my roads - why should I have to buy a car or spend money on a ticket to ride the bus?

I pay a utility bill for my water - why should I have to buy a glass to drink it out of?

I don't know if your comment was meant humorously, but sometimes the delivery medium and the things you can get via that medium are funded separately. And, when you don't pay (or donate) for the things you get via those media, they go away and you lose them.

If you don't want to donate, that's obviously your choice. But PM made a humble request for support... there's no need to be a dick about it.

May I assume you are also one of those taxpayers who believes public transportation should therefore be free? The difference here is PM is not going to arrest you for getting on his bus without paying a fare. And it is his bus. If you like his bus then you should support it.

Cheap at the price. This just happens to be my first opened morning window on the world. And not just for the interesting things our host has to say but what other commenters have to say also. And for the invariably interesting links that are included which I often find independently but which might have escaped me. Except for the damn WaPo links which are hidden behind a paywall. Maybe one day I'll find them worth it too. But not yet.

Ha - understood. I juggle my WaPo free content across two laptops, a desktop and iPhone. But I'm torn, too. On the one hand, lots of great articles . . . but that right-wing bug up their asses grates.

I love being insulted by the ignorant. Bus fare covers the cost of running the bus in exactly zero American jurisdictions. All public transit is government subsidized. All of it.

If I can only afford one thing, should I buy the glass and stare at it while dying of dehydration, or stick my mouth under the faucet? I sensibly choose the latter.

You, as a guilty white liberal, can afford both and do both, instead of giving your money to democratic candidates. And then complain because we have president Trump.

Mr. Carpenter has income. I'm unemployed. He asks me for money. Speaking of shitty things to say....

No kidding. Of course neither I nor anyone else said otherwise. It is only partially funded by government and in order to not go broke and do things like pay employees or maintain it, they also charge users. Because they use it. So let us figure this out. Should public transit be entirely funded by taxpayers even if they don't use it? Should free internet be paid for by taxpayers even if they don't use it?

Ah I think we have found the problem. If you want it then it should be fully funded and if you don't then it shouldn't. Now I see above you said you can't afford to support this blog.
I will go out not very far on a limb and suggest that PM would cordially extend an invitation to keep on reading and commenting. He's made that clear. And you could have just said that and wished you could. But you chose instead to offer some strange reasoning about being entitled not to pay anything. You'll notice that didn't go down well.

You'll be pleased to know that although I recently made my usual contribution I just doubled down again. I paid for you. Enjoy.

Mark, I'm rather surprised at all of your assumptions about other peoples' incomes, and even your assumption that others should make assumptions about yours! I'll venture to say that none of us knows the financial situation of PM or of other commenters here.

May I suggest that you either 1) say nothing at all and contribute or not and and still keep reading and commenting or, 2) say nothing at all and stop reading and commenting. It seems you took a somewhat mean-spirited path and that was to embarrass our host for making his polite request. And then you exacerbated the problem by making rude assumptions about PM and his readers' financial positions.

Let me guess -- you don't tip.

"I don't offer wild rants"!

To which I can only respond with 'ur wee Rabbie's famous line:
“O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!"

As I have pointed out here, many a time and oft', this site is a student-level harangue delivered through an internet loudspeaker! There is very little analysis, merely endlessly repeated sloganeering honked out to the thudding rhythm of "TRUMP-bad, TRUMP-bad, TRUMP-bad"!

Go behind your pay-wall, Mr. Carpenter, and do us all a favour, er, but please, pretty please, don't forget to take that ridiculous, puffed up, little 'Canuck' with you!

Er, sorry, which way is it to the exit . . . ?

“The food here is terrible.”

“And in such small portions!”

Duff the intellectual level at Duff Central is barely above non college educated barfly. I could cite endless examples of your own profound ignorance from your own blog. And then there are the very strange beliefs of the commenters who infest the place. There are not many of them to be sure, but they make up for it in the quality of their ignorance. Yours is the only blog where I have found a self-proclaimed physicist who clearly did not understand high school physics. Or has a whole section devoted to not understanding the first thing about military science or history.

I still go there for comic relief.

But let us address your critique. There is nothing but analysis. Now if we go to your own website, we find on the mast head, a forthright declaration that you have no intention at all of offering a reasoned argument. And you never have. I was going to observe that you literally wrote your own “get out of thinking” excuse note but that isn’t true. You swiped it from someone else who could write.

Welcome back by the way. You are one of the best examples of deplorability I have ever encountered.

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