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March 28, 2018


I read a piece a week or two ago (at Rawstory as I recall) that explicitly stated that the journalists and editorial staff at the NYT were in revolt because of what was appearing on the Op-ed page. The evidence for this revolt consisted of a single anonymous protest e-mail sent to the Daily Beast. My understanding of the term Op-ed was that it characterized an opposing view to that held by the editors. Now my guess is that professional journalists, which means people paid to do it, actually understand this. As I would hope everyone does.

If you want to object to something you first have to find the thing you want to object to.

I agree that the dysfunctional downscale communities deserve to die. They are the ones that voted in favor of the dysfunction and yet they are coddled and catered to more than any other voting bloc in the country, getting more say in our government than us more heavily populated coastal "elites". That they voted against their best interests is their problem. The fact that they purposefully vote against everyone else's interests is our problem.

The main objection I've seen to Williamson (whom I've never read) is that he said all women who have had abortions should be hung. Which seems a bit harsh to me, given that abortion is legal.

Sue in Seattle

He seems perfectly odious to me although I confess I have not read anything by the man except by accident and it did not stick. The conundrum presented in the linked piece is a real thing. The conservatives selected to present the opposite view are all anti-Trumpers. The case being made is that if a real opposition view is desired then a pro-Trump writer should be selected. But these are journals and newspapers that are directed towards reasonably intelligent readers. How exactly do you go about finding a pro-Trump writer who isn't an idiot? I'd rather be tasked with finding a Yeti riding a unicorn.

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