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March 27, 2018


What are the chances, in such a long and storied career as a philandering scum bucket, that Donald Trump didn't pay for an abortion?

That would explain at least one clause in the NDA that Stormy signed. Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to speculate, as Peggy Nooners(Noonan) said about Clinton.

You know I would normally be sympathetic to a request for privacy about such an intensely personal matter. But I find it is overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the religious hypocrits. Curiosity about how they would excuse that behavior just got the better of me.

All Republicans need is a little rebranding to make their karma sparkle again. Just drop the elephant and bring in a chameleon.

My guess is that he or his daddy paid for quite a few starting as far back as his days of valiantly trying to avoid venerial disease while lesser mortals were being shipped off to Vietnam. I used to think a president with an active sex life was safer for the country but now that theory is blown out of the water.

Apparently it was the premiere isdue of Trump magazine that she used to spank him with. Inside there was a cover headline that read, "Bubble? What Bubble? Tips from Trump U".

Let's give "crucial blocs of suburban voters and politically moderate women" more credit. After mentioning women (in particular), PM follows with, "An enlightened electorate would vote against Trump's party for the policy wreckage it has caused, not because the prurient Donald likes to be spanked by Forbes magazines." I think for women, just like for men, it's about the likely illegalities of campaign finances, thuggish behavior of Trump and Trump associates, lawyers, etc., and not about the sex itself. Let's not perpetuate the stereotype that women are more bothered, more sexually "uptight" than men are. That's an old and inaccurate mantle that was used to differentiate men and women. It's outdated and of no use.

Oops, I should apologize for my sloppy reading. It is not PM who singles out women for their revulsion to Trump's sex antics but rather the NY Times. Sorry PM! But we should pay attention to wording like this. I think the suburban, college-educated women do indeed have "enlightened" reasons to be turning against Trump and his policies.

We will have to take the revulsion of the seamy details of a scandal as a reason to force out republicans. An enlightened ele torate never would have voted for them in the first place.

Oh, yeah. Anything that gets them out. And if it's the women like Stormy and others who end up bringing Trump and R's down, then great. And they should get credit for their determination to speak up. I love to see women, and now girls! speaking up. It's high time. Related to this --these young people of both genders who are speaking up in the gun control movement --OMG, I love them! Contrast their behavior, their poise, to that of many adults. They are polite and respectful even as they demand change. I'm so incredibly impressed with them. And going forward, so hopeful because of them.

The question has been asked that if Trump were not elected, would there be a Womens' March or a #metoo movement or March for our Lives or any of the other forms of political activism we have seen over the last year. Even though Stormy Daniels says this is not a Me Too story and the sex was consensual there could be many women empathisizing with Melania and asking themselves what would they do if it were their husbands. As for the young people demanding better gun control-and being heard, it is my belief that our politics are shaped by what we see when we're growing up. Most of these kids are probably too young to remember 9/11 but they did grow up in the post 9/11 era and what we've seen the last 17 years hasn't been pretty. There has been war and recession and mass shootings and unaffordable college education with diminishing job prospects. These kids practically had no choice in the matter. If we survive the Trump presidency, then I hope to look back on this time as a blessing in disguise.

Yes, interesting thoughts and questions. And these young people really do give me hope.

As for Melania and other "wronged" women, when they realize what type they are married to, it's also a "blessing in disguise." But let's always remember not to judge because we have no idea what private agreements a couple may have. So again I say, it's not about the sex itself. I believe most people, evidently including evangelicals, don't really care much about that, and in my humble opinion that is the right perspective to have. And in Melania's case, absent any prior marital agreement, she still knew exactly who she was marrying.

Times have changed since John Edwards and Bill Clinton and we should not be scandalized by sexual indiscretions, if we ever should have been. That's why I presume there must be more behind these women's stories or Trump would have, and should have, shrugged them off by now.

That's just it. There is more to these women's stories like in the case of Stormy Daniels, it's more about how they tried to keep her quiet. It's about how she's not going to some easily dismissed bimbo. This may not be a #MeeToo moment, but to me, it still fits in with the larger idea of women not letting men in power push them around anymore. But, considering who our president is, salacious details are all that works to get his attention and she is beating him at his own media game. He never tweets about her, but he sure is paying attention.

I agree with you. Every word.

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