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March 27, 2018


Trump never deserves credit but that's never before stopped him from taking it anyway.

There's rather a lot of expelling going around just now. I was reading a piece that criticized Australia for only expelling two. In the comments section I asked how many they would even have? I like Australians so I added that at least they used a catapult.

Expulsions mean nothing of course. Everybody knows Putin and his gang care nothing for that. Diplomats are a ruble a dozen. The problem with an Oligarchic Kleptocracy is that it just isn't a safe place to stash your loot. Even if you are a privileged member of Putin's inner circle there's no guarantee you will stay there. Which is why so many of them live and bank in good old England. And suffer strange and untimely deaths there.
Now that would hit home rather hard if May were to use financial sanctions. Unfortunately the financial industry is key to Britian's post Brexit future. They've effectively lost the EU market with the ending of passporting once Britain leaves. The City doesn't seem to like the idea of losing another bunch of cash cows. So Diplomats it is.

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