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March 27, 2018


They could have just said, why bless your heart.... Or I'm washing my hair that year. Or I have funerals to attend. Which ones? All of them.

The problem is, continuing the Trump thought, that no one wants to be the lawyer of record of the first president to be jailed. Not saying that must happen but it is becoming increasingly likely.

That might explain why his fame and fortune aren't buying him a cracker jack legal team-or one at all, for that matter

Ah yes, Lee Atwater's death bed confession. Thanks for the reminder. (Recently a friend who is a defense lawyer confirmed that death bed confessions are admissible as evidence; they are considered that reliable.)

All he's got left is his Cracker Jack team, complete with the free decoder ring.

A reader at TPM posted this insight:

No big law firm can rep Trump because of powerful partners (especially female) redlining it and the associate recruiting pr disaster it would trigger (especially with young women). Repping Trump is a political statement no large law firm can afford to make. Big city lawyers are disproportionately Dems.

Most firms now have at least a few powerful female partners and they ALL have 50 percent young women as associates. Of course many of the men despise Trump too, but it is the women who are saying you represent this fucking pig and I will quit tomorrow and everyone knows they mean it. And any firm that represented Trump may as well just give up on attracting female associates. It would become their entire brand overnight, and it is a terrible black mark. The top firms are interchangeable, so it doesn’t take much to drop to the bottom of young associates’ list. Yes, the fact that he won’t pay, will fucking lose spectacularly and along the way will inevitably force his lawyer to choose between suborning perjury and quitting (if he can), but the truth is it’s the Trump brand they just can’t afford. He’s a Swastika.

In California, they are (or were) known as a dying declaration, and are admissible in court.

Hey all. What ever happened to the Duff?

Plus it's never a good idea to work where the employee turnover is so high.

I had a moment's thought about David today, too, in the wake of another shooting of a young, unarmed black man in his grandmother's backyard. This is such tragedy. I hope David has evolved enough to at least pause and wonder how on earth this keeps happening. And now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder what he thinks about the young students in our country who feel compelled (because adults don't) to change gun laws and gun culture in the wake of yet another slaughter in a school. Of course, if he hasn't learned to honestly reflect on some of these issues, then I don't wonder, or even care, what he thinks. Maybe I'll pop on over to his site and see if there is any growth there.

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