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March 30, 2018


She's an over aged mean girl who was bested by an actual teenager. I think he knew what would be the most effective course of action would be to handle her nastiness, because this is what these kids have been exposed to all their lives. It's a hopeful sign that he gave her better than he got. Maybe it means that rank and file republican vileness is endangered at least for awhile. The vile 30 something percenters will always be with us, that doesn't mean they get to monopolize the conversation and be in charge of government. I agree, the best way for the silent majority to speak up us to meet republican/Trumpian uglieness with stone cold silence.

"I would reverse Ornstein-Mann's formulation. Let's just say it: Rank-and-file Republicans are the problem, which Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 7.14.00 AM filters up to the party's leadership."

I'd say it goes in both directions. The GOP recruited their base via the Southern Strategy and stoked their hysteria with culture war conspiracy bullshit. The plan worked fine for the leadership until the base started to take over the party.

Not one comment on any article I have read about this monstrous excuse for a human being has pointed out that this young man had 4.2 GPA!!! What the hell are we asking of our children when a young man with those grades is admitted only to second or third-tier schools?

Practically the first response to Trump’s election by the Duffers of this world was to insist that now we had to respect their deplorabilities. The theory being that sexism and racism and ignorance were once again respectable and mainstream. This is a remarkably stupid idea. Because such people hijacked the Republican Party we had to let them behave as if they were the Republican Party? And follow them. But they aren’t. And the part that retains self awareness knows where letting their Id be their brains is going to lead. I find the fence sitters fascinating in their own way. And we have had the odd one here as well. Don’t know much but are pretty sure the cure is to respect all opinions as if the existence of an opinion somehow was sufficient to make it valid.

I can think of few sadder things to do than go through life not knowing what you think. Or worse, not knowing how to think. Or even worse than that, not trying at all.

I'm glad you mentioned this. These are the voters who insist their asses are kissed constantly. And too many people oblige them. When they lose we have to understand them. When they win we have to understand them. I was reading an article the other day about the return of the sitcom "Roseanne" and how the star, Roseanne Barr is a Trump supporter with all the conspiracy theories that go with that territory. The author of the piece made a good point when they said that nobody was asked to understand the Obama supporters when he was elected.

I'm so late to respond on this particular post, now a day or two old, that no one will likely read this but here I go anyway...

First of all, PM's suggestion to ostracize Trumpeteers at block parties, church, neighborhood walks, and work, is, I believe, ill-advised and not even practical. And let's remember that this tactic would mean ostracizing some family members at the dinner table, weddings, holidays, etc. I disagree strongly with this approach. First let me clarify that it is not the views and opinions of so-called "deplorables" that others need respect but rather it is the persons themselves that should be treated with respect --as should all human beings. Therefore, go to the block party or the family dinner and ask questions and listen. Just listen. State politely if you disagree. And then ask more questions. And then listen some more. No, we mustn't listen to vile racism or sexism--we can leave if that occurs, or at the least, move away from that person. But the idea, the image, of us walking past neighbors and ignoring them or going to a family function and sitting in the corner displaying contempt for those present, is ridiculous.

And I'm also bothered a bit by your criticism of "fence-sitters," Peter. If people don't know quite yet how they feel, what they think, that's okay. All the more reason to encourage them to talk, to think out loud, and to offer our own thoughts to them. Call me a Pollyanna if you will. But I'm not ready to encourage neighbors and family members to become Hatfields and Mccoys. And I don't criticize those who have not heretofore given enough thought to politics --I was one who didn't, my entire life. Keep an open mind to people and their potential for better, clearer thinking. After all, don't we see evidence in the general population that people are "wising up" to Trump? Let's not work to draw battle lines in our country, and certainly not in our homes and neighborhoods.

My first response to PM's suggestion was similar to yours. How can it be right to discard our family members and neighbors for their political views? But I live in a community of Trump supporters. And their political views reflect the way they live their lives in other arenas. They are openly bigoted and selfish and crude and unkind. They lack empathy and compassion. They are people I don't wish to have in my life.

I am an atheist (and female, relevant to today's post). But I think the Bible is correct in advising that we should choose our companions wisely. Being with people who speak hatred and who demean others drags us down.

I will still treat everyone with kindness and respect. That is how I choose to live. But I am cutting these people out of my life. I feel that this "I'm ok, you're ok" stuff is what got us into this mess. Some attitudes and opinions are NOT ok.

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