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March 30, 2018


I did what I could and will always try to do more. I can't start my day without a cup of coffee and my morning dose of sanity administered by you.

Yes, in many ways this site is my morning coffee, and keeps me more informed than I used to be. Such integrity in PM's writing --he is honest! I don't always agree, at least not at first, though I'm often won over in the end. Perhaps most of all, I appreciate the humor that our host often employs, which diminishes his points not one iota and, in fact, makes them palatable and forceful. I just love that kind of writing. Keep it up, PM! Next time I hope to donate even more.

"One of the finest, most incisive voices of our time and deserves the broadest possible audience."

Happy to contribute!

Keep the faith -

Let me put my mouth where my money is. Your best pieces are often those unrelated to politics that force a sometime reflexive commentor to pause and think. Thanks. I needed that.

Deleted my comments. Ain;t you special.

One may be silent and thought a fool
Or open ones’ mouth, and remove all doubt...

No, I did not. This is a new post. Your peculiar reasoning is still on full display at:

But fortunately for us, not special ed.

"Peculiar reasoning." Ah. Like insulting someone you're begging money from. Got it.

All YOU have done, Mark, has been to insult.

When did he beg money from you, Mark?

How 'bout this, Mark? Go fuck yourself. —PM

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