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March 28, 2018


I agree with all you say here, but in light of the incredible importance of the mid-term elections to temper this madness, I remain worried that Democrats simply do not have their act together. Most worrisome is the lack of any cohesive positions which stems from the stark divisions between the Bernie and Hillary wings (for lack of a better distinction) of the party. E.G. trade; health care; immigration; gun control; entitlements, education, etc. Hopefully, they can prevail simply on the odious nature of the Trump Presidency, but 2020 looms and Democrats remain unsure of what they stand for.

I enjoyed the in depth analyses. I hope that if Trump doesn't kill us, getting rid of Trumpism will make us stronger.

It's the nature of the beast I think. There cannot be cohesive positions that please everyone when one side is completely wrong. And the Sanders faction is almost always wrong. It is why he failed to get much support from those despicable Democratic Party establishment types like trade unions. As much as Trump's protectionist policies might have appeal for the Bernie wing or the workers in plants producing steel or aluminum, it has none for the workers in industries that use steel or aluminum. And they know it. Especially if their jobs are dependent on exporting finished product, like, for example, the entire American Aerospace industry. Those people want a trade war like a hole in the head.

How do you reconcile these two views? Damned if I know.

Peter, damned if I know either. You focus on the trade example which I agree is one of the best examples of the schisms. Obama tried unsuccessfully to educate the party on this issue via the TPP, but was shunned. Eventually, even Hillary had to do her double-talk dance to explain her position.

But, the schisms are also pronounced in the other major issues of health care; immigration; gun control; entitlements, education and others. Somehow we need a charismatic leader that can help us reconcile these differences and yet remain united. We need to focus on the issues which I think we agree on like taxes, racism, voting rights, and womens' rights for example. Bernie really divided the party on a lot of the other issues by wanting all or nothing. We need to focus on the bedrock beliefs that set us apart from Republicans & Trump and stop getting hung up on some of the details of other issues.

On taxes I still like the William Jennings Bryan explanation: "There are two ideas of government. There are those who believe that, if you will only legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous, their prosperity will leak through on those below. The Democratic idea, however, has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous, their prosperity will find its way up through every class which rests up on them."

Democrats need to wake up! Get the message straight and simple and deliverer it over and over and over through all available media and communication channels. (Sorry for the length of reply)

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