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March 29, 2018


"resign, and just hope that everyone then happily forgets about your miserable existence."

Wouldn't it be wonderful!

It's not in Trump to resign. For him, winning the presidency was like winning the title of "Miss Universe" and he isn't about to give up that diamond tiara and sash anytime soon. And why would he? For seven decades he's gotten away with every awful thing he's ever done to anybody so why would he think now is any different?

Ironically, federal prison may be the only "safe" place for Manafort to live out his life without any nasty poisonous goo rubbed on his august personage.

Maybe. If he could find a way to offload his shares in the Presidency on some suckers, like he did with his failed casinos, he might be tempted.

I'm not the first to say this, but please be careful what you wish for. If Trump is gone, we will be far from "free". We will have as a President a man who will try to legislate his religion. And he is a career politician who knows how to use the system.

Our only hope under Pence would be if Congress wished to constrain him. He does not represent a rabidly faithful constituency, as Trump does. So, theoretically, Republicans in Congress might not fear to cross him. But since so many of them seem to support his extremely right-leaning beliefs on choice, sexual orientation, prayer in schools, etc., I think we are looking at Christian Sharia law with Pence in the Oval.

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