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April 11, 2018


Peter G

Yet his complete lack of courage in defending America's great institutions will not soon, or ever, be remembered. And I cannot help but wonder, does his family really want to spend more time with him? And if so, why?


I think the tipoff here is: "he could not in good conscience run for reelection when he planned to leave after the election." Translation: When his partner in crime, Scott Walker, was forced to hold special elections he was illegally trying to sit on, Ryan realized he could not win the election and then resign so as to be able to name his own successor.

S Comstock

His kids are 13, 15, and 16. Just the ages when they want dear old dad around. With Congress's schedule he probably spends as much time in Janesville as DC anyway. Or he could move them to DC. It is remarkable how many Republicans are choosing to retire, rather than get booted out.

Sue in Seattle

Peter G

There's something to be said for retiring undefeated. But there's even more to be said for getting out early before all the wingnut welfare jobs are taken. Who wants to stand in line?


The best possible epitaph for Ryan would begin with:
"Please allow me to introduce myself/
I'm a man of wealth and taste . . ."

Charles P. Pierce
"Paul Ryan: Biggest. Fake. Ever. If he hadn't done so much damage, we could laugh him off the national stage—like Joe Biden did."

Chait always had Ryan's number (and the media's):

"Fanatic, Fraud, Factotum: The Rise and Fall of Paul Ryan"
Perfect picture as well.

Peter G

He does have a way with words doesn't he. I dunno about his fundamental thesis though. There's some pretty tough competition for that biggest fake ever position. Newt Gingrich springs to mind. I guess it is one of those things on which honest minds may honestly disagree.


Good points all. On the issue of Most Malignant Right-Winger in Your Lifetime, Newt wins, hands down.

On the matter of the biggest fraud, the nod goes to Ryan - because many more in the mainstream media bought his bullshit (even Newt has yet to top Ryan's phony photo-op at a homeless kitchen, faking serving food, faking washing dishes), more of the MSM bought Ryan's outright lying than the MSM bought Gingrich's lies. Put it another way: Many more in the mainstream media saw and see Gingrich for who he is, over Ryan.

This is the case in point: Once Gingrich fell - the first Speaker to be censured - we did not see op-eds kissing Gingrich's ass the way Richard Cohen just did for Paul Ryan.


The mainstream media really needs to caption Gingrich with "Disgraced Former Speaker."

An old observation Dad once had: "Newt Gigrich is an honest politician. When Rupert Murdoch bought him, he stayed bought."

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